Station search engine optimization and improve the conversion rate

long tail keywords is absolutely important to Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon in the company, the boss only need to look at the target keywords of the home page, regardless of the other, the operation method is a change of Links, updated a few articles. And do their own Taobao guest website, just a few home key row up is not enough, one is the target keywords itself is very difficult, I chose the field of health care products, this kind of keywords to fierce competition, then, had to row to the first page of the first three positions, and click on the conversion rate index. The rate of query and we love Shanghai baby on the great and noble. They also look for the reason, love Shanghai love Shanghai products index is a comprehensive index of all search, not only refers to the love of Shanghai. The results of the search. Therefore, to do keyword index for hundreds, traffic can not as our main source of income.

whether black or white, can catch mice is a good cat. He also engaged in the construction site for a long time, Taobao is a part-time job. May be because of work reasons, also tried Taobao off promotion method, very much in the end, or will only use the Shanghai dragon Taobao guest. However, compared to most of the Taobao guest novice, there are still many places worth sharing. Perhaps this is why focus on one aspect of the.

content is the guarantee of the conversion, there is an important influence factor is the conversion rate of "the beauty of the. You can go to search the industry in the row in front of the site can be found, the vast majority of domestic websites are identical, Taobao guest website is very simple and ugly. A good website at least have a beautiful appearance, let your visitors feel that your first impression is a big site, domineering. This station, many Taobao ignored >

1. be sure to long tail keywords as a breakthrough in

long tail keywords ranking, the method I use is mainly to enhance the website weight, and a large number of false original article update. Through some software to collect the popular forum, news daily articles, as a content based website long tail keywords. Of course, there are also content readability and conversion rate, which will be mentioned in the next section. The original articles and the chain can enhance the website weight is very good, the rest is how to put these long tail traffic control on our website in the formation of the source of income.

The importance of

the first to talk about their daily income, most of which is the source of Taobao passenger revenue, every day at around 50, the conversion rate is relatively good, followed by the love of Shanghai and Google to click on ads, no cheating, natural click, a few dollars a day, and two of advertising revenue per month 40, at last there are links to sell each month income, 5 links, each link is 10, a total of 50. Oh, could be all on. The income for me to have a fight with some wage. Now I share with you some practical methods.

2. to improve the conversion rate, first of all pay attention to your website

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