See how black weapons joking Shanghai dragon black hat website let die

or black chain, obviously beautiful like war, why a few years can be developed, and some stations for nearly ten years, did not pick up. There is no improvement in the station, is silently watching others in. The development of many wars, is that a lot of the purchase of the chain, but also in the content, do Kung Fu in strategy development, such as a website user experience is good, then a lot of money spent at the same time, there will certainly be a lot of people to watch, in this case, users love on this site that will keep the flow of people, so the chain will have the value of the purchase. On the other hand, as practicing sunflower, not after the target.

No1-, five bursts of

stations have a risk, the investment need to be cautious. Not to say that the station is not good, some people are using batch stations in a number of money to make money, money, immediately hired another group, the other in front of the K was finished, behind the station again. Fear is in front of the input, the details are not controlled well, pull hair, that is a failure.

Summary: But the Summary:

three, No3- "big knife" link to buy

black weapon


station group’s success lies in a large K, the rest of the money to pull hair.



black chain, will stay behind will be referred to. Black chain ranked second, the author summed up his hanging black chain for the government station, we all know that the government of Shanghai station, love will give a lot of weight, so the link provided by the government, is a good investment and extension, vote for you, then you will stand up. This is not a detailed explanation.


knows the station group, is a piece of the station group effect is best, but also can achieve the ranking of the fastest effect. We don’t go to anatomical stations is how to operate, because it involves many details, we only know that a lot of Taobao passenger stations is to choose the way or you can see some violent products, was standing group, if blindly rely on Shanghai dragon to do rankings, so people earn money after you stand you come here, it’s too late.

concluded: the government is very good, is very dark, don’t offend, once found, not hair problem, jail.

two, No2- "sand sprayer black chain

said that if the Shanghai dragon is staying up late, or busy word. I prefer to it as fun, but is our Shanghai dragon on the Internet as a tool, the aim is not just to do rankings, but also to the transformation. So many blind choice ranking and Shanghai dragon people will choose the fast way, in the industry, we call the black hat – Shanghai dragon, just read an interesting picture about black weapons, then combined with the pictures to make a writing share: < / p>

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