Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis server downtime caused by K

site is K directly to the Shanghai love screenshot of URL not found:

yesterday in the group shouted a few words, let the group of friends to some typical cases, I am here to do a simple analysis, and they help analysis themselves to learn some knowledge, which is a way for me to learn and improve their Shanghai Longfeng, today the one case do a simple analysis of the website, because the server downtime caused by K, hoping to find a solution.

love Shanghai did not find the URL


site is K 贵族宝贝shop.7979la贵族宝贝/, the local famous network background: a two level domain name, weight before the site do 3, site performance is good, the morning of July 29th, a half hour: server downtime, technical personnel in the quick solution, fast recovery server is stable, but the website that night was K. The home page, second days included all the feathers, but see the love Shanghai statistics about the site index of more than 4000.

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Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon is a diagnosis, I insist, because Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, diagnosis is the site of the past and present and then find the optimal diagnosis condition, adjust the direction of the website, this is the charm of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, like a doctor, find the cause of the patient, and a reasonable prescription to cure his illness quickly. Recently, the Shanghai dragon can Aihong, because the love of Shanghai was the largest ever in a K station, a large part of Adsense on the site is down right or be K, of course for those who want to learn quickly to optimize Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis knowledge friends, these typical the website is a good opportunity.


server LOG log website has been lost in time to solve the server, the last few days of the LOG log has the problem, but when the initial settings LOG server log statistics, did not consider the distinction between the statistics for the search engine spiders action, so.

in front of the love we know Shanghai mentioned the site instruction is not accurate, love Shanghai also recommend to view your website using love Shanghai webmaster tools, here is the love of Shanghai by the statistical data, we can see that the love of Shanghai did not completely remove the Web index, the index is only a reduction in the 7.29 day so from here to see the love of Shanghai should not be punished for the site, the possible reason is that the server downtime is too long, often compare this time just grab spider love Shanghai, love Shanghai caused by spiders to site investigation.



site was K after

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