Site quality is not good to improve website access speed

for the majority of grassroots webmaster, in order to consider the lowest site construction costs, tend to choose some relatively cheap virtual space, and even some of the site for the record in order to eliminate the trouble, also began to select some United States or Hongkong, for this web site access speed will result in different degrees of negative effects.

I think we can start from the following points, that is to say, from the perspective of website optimization, so as to reduce the size of the site, and then realize the website open speed upgrade.

second, reduced number of website with pictures as much as possible. "Open speed is a very important factor is the picture size, the number of. Some "if the improper design size will be around the entire page to dozens of M, then when the web browser download speed is only tens of Kb, natural difficult to ascend the web page open speed.

third server using gzip compression function. This function is relatively little for website owners, are easy to grasp, is the so-called compression compression web content on the server, this page is able to more.

want to know the website open more slowly, it will allow the user to wait for longer, and now the whole world began to broadband Internet, basically achieve FTTH, if your website open speed is still stuck in the ADSL 512k speed, even modem 56K speed, obviously difficult to let users accept. But if you choose the faster space, the cost will be higher, so how to do it can not only improve the website open speed, and can reduce the operation cost of

first, as far as possible to reduce the number of HTTP requests. If there is more number of HTTP requests the user to open the site, it will reduce the speed of opening ", such as a web page with a lot of backgroup image, then each image will have a HTTP request, then open a page there will be a lot of time. So we can through the CSS style technology, Backgroup image using CSS to represent the style, so it can effectively reduce the HTTP request, so as to enhance the site’s opening time. You can also use image mapping attributes to the design, reduce the direct loading web images, thereby reducing the HTTP request.

but now in order to improve the appearance of the web page, without using pictures, even a very clear picture, otherwise will also affect the user experience. This can be used in that way, the "Three Musketeers has been acquired by Adobe, and the Photoshop can also easily image cutting, seamless integration, so even a slightly larger size, it can quickly display pictures allow users to browse, and will not let the user in the browser for a longer time. So it can be disguised promotion page open speed.


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