Shanghai Longfeng knowledge new and old Shanghai dragon website optimization process

, a new station after the first to detect the site directory structure and dead links, we can detect the use of Xenu software, the use of specific methods please refer to "Shanghai Phoenix software Xenu dead link detection tool".

third step, check the website, if there is too deep level, this is not conducive to search engines, the column should not be differentiated too fine, especially some shopping malls and enterprise products, such as the mall is also divided into women’s skirts, bottoms and female skirt, red dress, blue dress, etc. so as to use subdivision, please put all the pages are stored to a dedicated prdouts directory.

how to do?

The first step of

678 steps every day, a week, if your site has not been included in the search engine, so you can try to submit their website to the search engine, then someone will ask, why didn’t you submit to the search engine? This needs a lot of explanation, the reason we don’t commit is because we want to search.

to check check station is completed, only after that new sites can continue to the following steps.

website optimization to start, which has been plagued by many new problems, today Tianjin Shanghai dragon new85 just to say the website optimization process.

New optimization process:

seventh step, to the second forum text, such as the A5 forum seconds, high weights, soft with their own website, express or anchor text can be.

second step, look at the finish after the detection of dead links found because individual writing errors caused by the program’s website or, if it is because of the reason of program cannot delete dead links, use robots.txt robots.txt to finish the concrete shielding, please refer to "how to write"

fourth step, check 301 is valid, or the same page title page page weight is defined, the weights defined using the Canonical tag will not use please how to use the Canonical tag reference "


fifth step, check whether the page 404 page 404, please refer to "not practices such as the 404 page"

robotsThe directory structure of

usually start site is divided into two categories, one is new, the other is the old station.

The sixth step, the new

, go to the eighth step Links platform released exchange link information, you can also find friends to exchange links, it is more difficult to change to the new station, but really can change to.

submitted to the classified website directory and record the time added, whether through. Usually the directory sites will be required to add new Links, no weight, feel free to add, after removal.

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