To avoid mistakes Correct the chain optimization is to do so

? What is the quality of the chain The

chain, is the other sites to our web site outside of the chain do.

so, the search engines are outside the chain of control, the search engine chain is divided into three categories: the quality of the chain, the chain and the chain of garbage cheating.

what is the chain of garbage

the same way, a link to more people click on this link, the more important! So, when we do link, must think: why put the chain here? Here is not really help to users? Users will really go to click on the link to

The so-called

learning Shanghai Longfeng, whenever you can remember the Shanghai dragon, that is to say everything to the user. The Internet is the link to the user to provide services, but there is a link to the significance of only one: for people to click.

in front of the Zhuhai Shanghai dragon article, have to explain "chain optimization", then the "optimization" to explain the chain.

is like a city subway opened, but never a person to ride, you think of the subway and the meaning of existence? A subway ride the subway more people, more important.

if a chain is generated, but always no one click, then this link is no meaning of existence.

love Shanghai judge a chain is the quality of the chain is not only the principle of the user or other website sincerely recommend, and user acceptance and click on the link.

fold led to the majority of Shanghai Longfeng personnel focused almost exclusively on the hair of the chain. At this time, the search engine found basically no webmaster effort to provide quality content for the user, this is obviously with the goal of search engine is contrary.

search engine in the chain analysis stage is generally believed that the number of Web sites to a site outside the chain, explain this website more important. The importance of the Internet and most of the articles are in Shanghai, outside the chain of a whoop and a holler.

cheat chain is mainly to deceive the search engine, search engine ranking and intentional interference for the purpose of the chain. Including but not limited to: anchor text, buy high weight chain, black chain, large-scale increase of low quality.

what is the chain of

mainly refers to the garbage chain website is not recommended, not deliberately create hyperlinks to the site. Including but not limited to: the search results page automatic generation of a link, webmaster service links, cheating station automatic collection of links. For such links, can be said that more than 98% have been identified and filtered automatically in Shanghai love link calculation. But it is only filter only, under normal circumstances, will not have a direct negative impact on links to the website.


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