The optimization method of Shanghai dragon Dede station system

if you use the default mode, then the site looks very ugly, so it is necessary to optimize the site name as the title, see the following modification methods of

this attention not to the basic parameters of Dede system in the back of the name of the web site and fill into * * * * in the form of Web site keywords, website name directly fill in the name of the web site, believe that these operations for a novice webmaster is not difficult oh!

{typedir}/{Y}/{M}{D}/{aid}.html. At this point you can according to the principle of naming your will be changed to

two: URL

!Keywords: optimization of !

{typedir}/{aid}.html, in order to achieve the optimization of URL



path is very poor, if you use the default path, then the path is the increase in several layers, which makes the search engine spiders crawling very uncomfortable, so we need to put the default path to modify it, usually the column path / article ID.HTML, this spider climb up very cool, how to operate the Dede to modify the path in the program changes? There is a senior option which has a default form the naming rules, such as:

DEDE station system is very popular, and is free, so many people are choosing to do the optimization of Dede system, but Dede system is not simple, so many people can not do a very good website ranking, let the author to introduce the method of optimization of DEDE system

: a Title Optimization Method of

content page title title site name –

              the content of the page title title site name < title> {dede:field.title/}-{dede:global.cfg_webname/}< /title>

Dede the word segmentation technology is relatively poor, the need to manually optimize a lot, but with the upgrade version, chain we can through the background to optimize the keywords, this can reduce a lot of work

path optimizationThe default Dede !< >

channel list page, the page title in column name – Shanghai dragon title – the site name < title> {dede:field.title/}-{dede:field.; Title /}-{dede:global.cfg_webname/}< /title> Shanghai Longfeng;

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