Website promotion is commonly used in the four promotion methods

to develop a website cannot do without the promotion, the website will also relatively well-known to do promotion, no matter what, anyway the website promotion out and awareness, this promotion is a successful promotion! Who can not be denied, because most of the people do not see the promotion the process of how, as long as you see the results you want, then the benefits of much more harm than always! But the website promotion in so many ways, which in order to achieve the ultimate in their own use, make others do not effect? This to their own study, saying, if a method only in my mind is not perfect, only after the implementation and analysis of the result we can see that this method is not a good way, is not the way to success, we do stand Are not just empty talk, it will never be successful! As long as the perfect execution to make sure to target, realize the dream. Said so much, the purpose is to introduce the classic webmaster promotion methods commonly used, there are many methods, three days and nights are endless number! So it has some more classical methods, today is to introduce you:

classic promotion method: Forum promotion

is not a forum to promote the classic, love Shanghai video can not find the classical method! BBS promotion promotion methods from the personal website is there, it can be said that the website promotion success of the witness, but also experience! BBS promotion classic lies in its ten years a means of promotion, which is the most commonly used post, post, signature. The first post is issued by the topic, is reproduced some good articles to the forum by adding your own web site or website name in the article, to promote the site through this way, the chances of success are compared to both the highest, the effect is the best, but also can be said to be followed by the post, soft paste! The reply to some post in the recovery process of the proper insertion of your links, to achieve the purpose of promotion, it should be noted here on the first page of the best post reply, because most of the post’s page browsing rate is relatively high, relatively few people on the page will look. In reply to some of the paste or add paste, this post is greater than the effect brought by the. The last is through individual signature, signature now there are many webmaster in use, in this way the effect of careless, through the test, the effect is very low! Unless your character signature wrote user heart, only then has the possibility to expand the effect.

According to the Shanghai If the

love video forum to promote knowledge, after the emergence of a blog promotion. The blog promotion can be called classic second promotion methods. The blog promotion is through some large portal collateral free blog to promote your web site. In contrast, the blog promotion is more integrity, promotion effect is much better. So do blog promotion for the promotion of classical methods, the opposite is not in the minority. "

classic promotion method two: blog promotion

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