The Shanghai encyclopedia site keywords selected by love


because of the extensive, doomed their entries are quite detailed and professional. But it happens that we are doing the site, basically there will be a relatively large core competitiveness of keywords to locate the site, which has formed a large selection of key factors of Wikipedia entries.

keyword in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very important link, and the method of selecting the keyword is also very much. Methods the webmaster may know is that: peripheral resources, users love Shanghai people, love Shanghai, love related index, Shanghai drop-down box, keyword tools, competitors and so on, these methods are already online, the author is not here to talk about. Today I share is through love Shanghai encyclopedia to select site keywords this fresh way.

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appeared a new method to select keywords, which is different from the old keyword selection method, and has the advantages of their selection. This article from the original taobao贵族宝贝 Womens 贵族宝贝stuccess贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source.

, for example, "steel structure", the scope of this keyword is extensive, we only in the steel structure of the Wikipedia entry above can be extended in many steel structures and find out the key words. It also has the professional words, it is the user easy to search words in quality more assured. The following diagram of "steel structure" Wikipedia entry:

Select the

then, we all know that there will be a good internal link between Shanghai love Wikipedia entry. Based on this, the mass of long tail keywords is the landing site, but also closely linked with the key words of quality. This form of the long tail, like cell division, more and more long tail keywords, scope has been reduced. This is not in line with the long tail keywords we are looking for


first, our site has a core keywords, the keywords and its competitiveness is relatively large, this keyword is usually the company’s positioning, on behalf of an industry. This is doomed, the words love Shanghai Encyclopedia of professional and comprehensive.

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