Will let you play the visitors psychological bounce rate

I studied at Shanghai Longfeng community Daniel Zac blog. Please see below:

headline: red dates content display only the first big taboo.

, the ranking of a website on the home page, can be maintained in the home, the Shanghai dragon r directly to face the problem. Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult. How to maintain a good ranking? In addition to regular updates, quality Links replacement, from time to time to send some outside chain, should pay more attention to the user experience. Love Shanghai to judge whether a page is popular, whether we can maintain long-term ranking, the bounce rate one of the reference index is the core of the page. Imagine the page out rate is 100% every day, let you love Shanghai too much to handle.

we look at the love Shanghai statistical background data: since February 14th the bounce rate decreased significantly.

what have more understanding, will be able to get started immediately after the operation of


This paper consists of:

solution bounce rate are many, such as: increase the module, web site navigation structure, user-friendly search and so on, are to increase the user experience of thinking.


my own web site a page, according to the method of test, the effect is good.

: a summary of article two page. The first paragraph must attract visitors to click, can cause the desire, this method will be successful.


share before we look at the love of Shanghai’s official explanation is: the bounce rate only browse the percentage of a page and left the site visits the total number of accesses. In other words, at least if I browse a page two can reduce the rate of jump out.

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Ten big taboo

read these two words, said one is free to participate in the quota, another is that an interesting post GG Danny Sullivan share. Shanghai Longfeng people want to participate in this free places, all want to see Daniel GG post, forget the idea, brought back to click. The front is a tempting click on it, followed by a full text. You need to click, you can see the substance.

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