The optimization effect on how to produce better site code

third, as far as possible to reduce the user does not need to comment. Usually in writing software, will comment on the relevant code, such as software maintenance can provide important guidance. However, in the "write, for these comments, especially.

this idea is clearly one-sided significant, although the content of the website is very important, but there is not a perfect vessel containing the content, also is the site of the code, it is difficult to improve the website optimization effect. When the site of Shanghai dragon rising to the level of code optimization, its technical content began to significantly improve, and when the code after optimization, the overall experience of the site and the search engine affinity will significantly enhance. Here is a concrete analysis of how to produce a better optimization effect for site code.

first, as far as possible to use CSS to define page layout and page elements. CSS is the so-called CSS, can use this style definition page layout, text, color etc.. And by this definition the content is easy to search engines and included. Here a little attention to, if you use CSS to define the text attributes, they don’t need to set the text content, using the text in their font or style attributes. This will waste a lot of time repeating station, but will also affect the rapid capture of search engine.

second, by calling the public code to reduce the complexity of the web page code. Because with the increasing scale of website, the website will use a lot of CSS and script code. The web page code is more complex, more influence on search engine affinity, and then affects the website optimization effect. In fact, in the preparation of the website code, which can be a small program or CSS code unified storage in external files, especially some common code. It is to be stored in external files, dynamic link library is actually similar to the external files in software development. When the owners want to use a public code in the page, you need to call the external file on the relevant web page can be. This can effectively reduce the complexity of the code page, at the same time, it also can improve the readability of the code page. Of course, it also can enhance the affinity of the search engine.

When the

content is king, the chain for the emperor thought in Shanghai Longfeng circle optimization was put forward, more and more owners will be Shanghai dragon optimization as a toil live, especially with the intelligent search engine to enhance the level of importance of the content increasingly reflected, so more and more many webmaster will focus on content on the construction of. The content of construction itself is relatively boring work, but the overall technical content is not high, especially writing some of Shanghai Longfeng optimization pseudo original content is even more so. It is because of the technical content of this work does not seem so high, this has led to some owners have the wrong cognition of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai Longfeng optimization itself does not need what technical content, only the content well on the line.

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