B2B large sites do Shanghai Longfeng optimization


– the exhibition name (like: Fair)

B2B even if you didn’t get a clear focus on site traffic is about B2B for the Shanghai dragon strategy is only a blind cat caught a mouse to death, there is no specific.


some foreigners love fancy products after the buyers are not directly to the company’s search and inquiry, they found the independent website after the direct.

by contact with the data of B2B industry feedback, buyers will search this kind of word:

In this paper,

– Product words (like: LED street light

The corresponding

B2B large website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy

is the product of word, supplier and purchase information is easily able to analyze it, but here to say under the purchase information, according to some seasoned foreign trade sources said the foreigner is actually not too love unsolicited purchase information, the reason a lot, like: I want to find something more urgent, the buy no one; you provide something that isn’t what I need; I don’t love to be with the intermediary agent to fear from eat. Later, these factors together, most buyers love still go to search for products, and then through the picture and understand whether the products they need, if he wished, directly linked to the manufacturers.

no buyers, this is the world of frustration of all B2B sites.


B2B is a web business with business platform, will lead the Shanghai dragon is the buyers and sellers of traffic. Which is the most difficult for buyers of traffic, if you have studied the development mode of B2B you will know if you have enough buyers to develop platform sellers very easily, on the other hand, I do not have enough buyers I can not afford to do platform I can do foreign trade.

– product information (like: Buy LED street light

Conclusion: B2B

will step by step flow analysis in B2B what is the most important, what is the focus of the page page of Shanghai Longfeng strategy, focus strategy and the three Shanghai dragon B2B website.

B2B web site should be how to optimize Shanghai dragon? B2B website in Shanghai Longfeng should cited let me flow what? Explain it:

– Supplier (like: LED manufacturer, led supplier, led company

also unearthed a new user behavior:



first large-scale web site optimization strategy on Shanghai Dragon – decisive walk long tail strategy

, Shanghai dragon strategy focus is to attract buyers. Study on buyers will search what words, what they have the habit of using network……

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