Analysis of optimization strategy Chinese love Shanghai and Japanese Google is not the same

here is Shanghai

and B2B mall websites, like my colleagues a myopia prevention pen stand, he less update in the station, the industry itself is limited, not so many useful articles to update, just add a few anti myopia pen article on the line, the center of gravity will tend to the user experience and the chain. Good user experience, he is the full development of the chain, write text, forum, signature, classification of information, friendly chain platform and so on, as long as it is of high quality, No.

made several stops love Shanghai optimization, found one cannot eat one day, each station optimization strategy in different industries are not the same, like medical and B2B website, the two promotion should belong to the fire, the optimization method can be said to have very different.

The following

I used to do a


station, the founding of the Lianyungang andrology hospital, I will pay attention to the relative contents of the article, focusing on the optimization of the long tail. Because a lot of people are in search of their condition, but also afraid of error can not determine the cause, usually written in relative detail, and this kind of transformation of the long tail search rate will be relatively high, so I will dig more long tail word to increase the accuracy of more traffic for the site. The quality is also very important, the user experience must be high, the user is to search in health problems to solve themselves or the people around us, if the search to articles, not what the quality, so that users can not get the information they need, users will soon run. So the station number should be more comprehensive, high quality. The chain, the chain of medical industry is mostly related to the medical forum, are more targeted, not entirely to the high weight of the place, of course is not to say not, but pay more attention to. Pay more attention to send interactive quiz platform, such as: love Shanghai know, soso, Tianya, for others working at the same time, can improve the popularity of the hospital, also can bring customers.

I do now

to tell you the truth, love is difficult to love Shanghai Google, Shanghai will be relatively strict, ranking is not so easy to go up, punishment is relatively strict, a little careless, may lead to drop right. Relatively speaking, Google is relatively simple, ranking is relatively good, even if it’s new, the first is not too difficult, but Google will cost much higher than love Shanghai, will certainly use some tools, or do not go up.

so when love Shanghai optimization do promotion in different industries, with the strategy, methods are not the same, the key is to find suitable methods and their focus.

I have engaged in the Shanghai dragon has been two years, the first year is Shanghai sex promotion, second years in Japan Google, two search engine algorithms are not the same, for the site of the optimization process is not the same, so the two search engine promotion is also completely different, this feeling is very deep. Let me give you some feeling about my love of Shanghai and Japanese Google:

say that the optimization strategy of Japanese Google

optimization strategy of sex.

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