love the site keywords Shanghai home is how to do

link always is an important index to judge a website search engine is qualified, which I still believe, is also the site of the internal links of keywords ranking plays a very big role. "If you have a lot of key points to a key words, the spider will think this keyword is important, is elected, of course we do in an article published internal keywords also can not add, so that it will make the search engine that you are cheating, but counterproductive, it is very >.

title is the key factors of the rankings, so I want to do a keyword to love Shanghai home, the title keywords is essential, also is the keyword density, I watched most of the site’s ranking keywords, keywords ranking found less density is relatively large, but I think a keyword the density in 2%-4% is very good.

The amount included in


dawn blog from the domain name registration, is one year and four months, the beginning of time, because the writing is limited, update two articles every week, I blog is local blog, because once this blog blog has no weight, so good months to update, back after four or five months it can be seen that, do really need patience, after a keyword ranking, I began to have the passion to update, this may be the stationmaster’s common keywords and website I mainly do is Jiangxi Shanghai, Ganzhou Shanghai dragon dragon the words, so I never want to go to Shanghai dragon blog this word to do it.

, the first layout and density of keywordsThe

behind, is also a year later, I found that I left the key you want to do to love Shanghai home, found few IP, disappointing Speechless, so my site traffic also is small, so I decided to leave behind the Shanghai dragon blog this word to do up my goal is the home position.

second, website

a website if you want a good ranking, website search engine included the number must be as much as possible, of course, is not the kind of copy paste articles, the article has no meaning, not to mention a copy, even get feeling the same as the original, it is best to fight write this to his literary talent will be improved, but also make their own professional knowledge have been strengthened.

Third, the website chain

is a website with good included quantity, the search engine will be on your site have a good impression, so, your site more easily can in the shortest time came to a good place, if a site has a large number of articles, but the search engine has not included a lot of content, you can only say that the website your love is rubbish, Shanghai is not the love.

how do I to do? The following is to summarize some of my experiences.

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