n 2014 new Shanghai Longfeng you should do the chain

is for the user to consider the link, also is the user may click on the link. A lot of love in the Shanghai dragon is filled with hyperlinks, especially the anchor text links, that can improve the ranking. In fact, this practice has fallen behind, the anchor text link will interfere with the user to read. Shanghai dragon new links belong to cheating, don’t make the mistake of

! This !

algorithm is a milepost in love with Shanghai green, Shanghai declared love has been out of being at the mercy of the lower stage. Please remember: will not be at the mercy of the search engine is a sophisticated search engine. Love Shanghai to turn to the ranking system user experience, this gives us the opportunity to do what we used to do talent shows itself, a new station for my study in Canada, you stand outside the chain than the old spelling but you are. Now love Shanghai give us this opportunity, I in the user experience than them, I have confidence ranking beyond their

because you mind has not formed some ingrained ideas, and some concept is wrong, but so many people regarded as a magic weapon! For example, such as the content is king, the chain for the emperor. You learn Shanghai Longfeng easily now, no need to remove the dross of mind.

2, the real user recommended:

industry is the 2013 Shanghai dragon Scindapsus aureus algorithm, a time of paranoia, Starving people fill the land. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er lament, Shanghai dragon can not do, in succession transition. Of course, more and more people in Shanghai still complain, curse of love silently open mass software, batch manufacturing chain.

3, Links:


is the only Links >

2014 has been imminent, 2014 Shanghai dragon living space as well as? The answer is self-evident. I have more than once said, content acquisition and the mass of the chain can only manipulate love Shanghai in time has gone away from us, don’t forget. About the contents, we need to enhance the added value. Today I want to share is the new Shanghai dragon must understand the link strategy.

so the chain is necessary? Certainly! But the gameplay has changed

1, a natural link:

judgment is not a natural connection is very simple: if you are a user, you can click on, that is the natural connection.

The most popular topic in the

, my view is Scindapsus algorithm is Shanghai dragon new Gospel

because the site of the early establishment, Shanghai love don’t know you, we need to accumulate love Shanghai trust on our website.

? !

users recommend an article must have a premise, it is that it is a good article. If the quality is poor, but there are many outside the chain, no doubt, is cheating. In addition users will not use the anchor text link.

first we have to understand what is good outside chain

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