Do these 6 common sense Shanghai Longfeng better promote your website

3, the content of


indeed, content is the most important. Compared to the keywords, content is more important. Most visitors will focus on content rather than keywords. Those who use keywords to attract visitors to the website long-term is untenable.

help one strategy network marketing success is the rational use of "search engine optimization" (Shanghai Phoenix). However, the search engine algorithm is changing all the time, we must update the site to get a good score.

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Shanghai dragon algorithm from the emergence of the social web has changed. A lot of website’s content is classified to the visitor’s guide. You can connect with Facebook, Twitter, or other social network renren. Such words have a positive impact on these social networks will be on your site traffic.

2, ) meta tagsThe

if you want to make your website in the forefront of the search results appear frequently in 2012, then the 6 factors affecting Shanghai Longfeng you must be clear:

meta tag also has a very important role in the dragon in Shanghai. If you enter keywords in the search engine, you will find that there are some key words will appear on the page. Noble baby through your web site keywords and the similarity of keywords and content to provide search results.

, is the second important links. Remember, the quality of import links is to focus on the number of links: not you some more. You can every half a month or a month update: update the link into a new company website or blogs. This allows the viewer to browse the faster they want to see the web site. You can also use pictures or as a link to better attract visitors.

5, social media (Social)


linksCompared to the

if you think the picture is not important, you’re wrong. Many users will not only be found in the search engines ", they will search for pictures. If your site has high quality, high definition pictures, and these pictures containing keywords visitors, these.

1, (Keywords)




keyword is the use of the first step in Shanghai Longfeng success. The full understanding of the Shanghai dragon people know that people want to search in his website, want to know what is. You can make people want to know the word annotation on your product (or page). So you are going to do is to stop and consider carefully the potential keywords.

6, website (product) (Images)


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