Google solutions Shanghai dragon hit low ranking


or "games" as an example, the search results will appear like a dictionary notes


or looking for the recent release of the movie schedule, as long as the input of the title, search results and cinema movie moments will jump out of direct (to crashday 8 as an example).

According to the statistics report of

Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng owners in the following this example, search "how to fix the faucet, in front of two search results is the movie, teach you how to repair Water Leakage faucet, the third is WikiHow in the title, you can clearly see the content is to explain how to fix the faucet to Water Leakage icon, how to put this paper, and the number of votes.

does not directly indicate the nobility baby website using the composite information card can enhance the web traffic or search rankings, but think about the user search habits and preferences, you will know the summary compound, will help improve your conversion rate.

but the search results presentation, is a very simple text to appear, the other is a relatively rich content information.

note: because each person’s search preferences are not the same, and if a large amount of search keywords, every day the ranking of search results may be different, so if you search for "How to fix faucet" column in the noble baby, and I may show examples of results from

, however, how to let users of these rich search results in search of time? > also showed that the product has 63% comments will increase consumer willingness to buy, the average of 18% driven sales, annoying negative comment can actually increase the conversion rate of 67%.

in order to enhance the user search experience, the noble baby always as much as possible in the web page showing the user wants to do a search action results, so that users can get what they want in the shortest time, without further into the site.

compared to other text search results, this show (film, evaluation, etc.) is not more to lure you to click on it?

or "Ghibli" as an example, you will see the right side of the field as Wikipedia’s introduction, the recent extension of information and news

There are two kinds of

is like what you might want to buy goods, in search of the goods as long as the input keyword, you will see the product information, such as: evaluation, price, whether there are stocks.

when people find information, you can jump out of the site in the search results of the first page of the top, and provide detailed information, will undoubtedly bring more traffic to your website.

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