Do the optimization need more positive energy


thought his chaotic twenty years, to now become a grassroots webmaster, thousands of ocean life and dream of how much difference? Besides our Shanghai dragon industry, helpless, helpless, indignation and even change careers, who can guarantee that the algorithm update spared? And finally at today’s era, the party and the country, meeting it is an annual drama, lack of credit, mentality, materialistic frightened people.


love Shanghai change so that we do not necessarily make snap, ranking is done, the flow is not necessarily a ranking, with the flow is not necessarily a customer…… Plus the hourly station K and Months and years pass by. road to recovery, what a webmaster to do? In fact, despite the current Shanghai dragon industry competition, but also optimize the best job of 2012. If you always follow the love sea walk, serious study, summary and reflection, insist on ranking still has hope. If you put the optimization, ranking, users and customers together, to understand the connotation of network marketing and network planning, you are on the road to success may not be too far away.

short, every station needs a bit of positive energy, and never give up, always do so, everything is possible! Ya decoration, decoration company in Hefei, Admin5 first, please remember us: www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝

you know, this is a new era of network information, the webmaster is pioneer of network world. As long as you want, Shanghai dragon skills network circulation beyond count; if you want to learn, self-taught God meet the eye everywhere. That is to say, we are not concerned about the party and the state; and we love Shanghai algorithm not to do business; but patience, a little of what is not


site is K, in addition to irritability, we also have some thoughts. For example, do the optimization, webmaster need more positive energy. What is the positive energy? And give up, complaining about the opposite, positive energy is all for people to hope, and to continuously pursue, let the life become a happy power and feelings.

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