360 recently launched SiteLink search function

love Shanghai introduced SiteLink, a few days in Shanghai and the cancellation of the show. At that time, the author also published an article "love Shanghai cancel Sitelink brand promotion with function or conflict" one article, think love Shanghai cancel SiteLink brand promotion with function or conflict. But in recent days the momentum is fierce 360 search also launched the SiteLink function, as shown below:


360SiteLink function with the SiteLink functions like love at that time in Shanghai. But the difference is that the 360 search only for some well-known brands such as Sohu, website, love Shanghai, Youku, and some domestic famous Adsense websites such as home owners, A5 nets, Shanghai dragon WHY search is not SiteLink function. The following figure:

display function


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Since November


in addition, SiteLink also features 360 search with nobility baby different, only show the link text. Compared to the SiteLink function of Google, 360 search also need to work where there are many.


will be successful!The original


Google SiteLink


launched 360 search function of SiteLink is not difficult to see that the 360 search in the continuous improvement of their index function. I believe the 360 search constantly improve their own technology, to provide users with safe, reliable and effective information, 360 search market share is also changed. Only continuous improvement will progress, the progress of




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