Discussion on several important factors lead to the chain website right down

, the chain construction speed


chain added too fast, will make the search engine that you are cheating, so that the site right down. Whether it is to buy link popularity two years ago and now the manual release, must take a incrementally add, especially for some of the new station, if the chain increased too fast, sensitive search engine will respond, do not fall down right by it said it. So webmaster friends for new sites outside the chain construction, should be a steady upward trend increase in the chain, so that the healthy development of the website.

two, the release of the chain site is down right

four, a lot of spam links

webmaster friends should know Links for both effects. If the site weight of two people are very good, so for both sides is helpful; if a site is down right, it is likely that their website will also receive it involved, leading to their site is down right. But, have you ever thought, pointing to the link unilaterally may also be the site to drop right? Refers to the chain, we found the right, I think if the chain is too single, when the site is down right, will also affect their own websites, especially for some high weight website suddenly, right down, and you have a lot of the chain is in the inside of the hair, then your site may also be affected.

three, the account is closed to the chain lost

is not spam links >

is a website in addition to the rich content, also need the support of the chain. A few years ago maybe a website does not require any optimization, you can let the website become high weight website, or get keywords ranking is very good, it is because the website which is rich in content, to the user experience of the optimization is the best optimization; now, with the development of the Internet, continue to increase Shanghai Longfeng personnel, the degree of competition is also increasing, only depends on the content of a web site, it is difficult to get a good ranking, so in addition to the support of the chain in the station of the quality of the need to make web site full of life. The chain for the importance of a website that webmaster friends all know, in addition to the number also need to have quality. The improper operation of the chain, make a web site easy to fall right, that there are many owners do not know, outside the chain of the following factors to tell you some easy to let down the right site:

forum administrator account is banned, is a very common thing, I believe that many owners have encountered. When we chain are concentrated in this forum, as can be imagined our chain to lose much, if the chain loss rate is too high, the search engine will take you down the right site. So when we send in the chain, should pay special attention to this, when an account published some articles, should re apply, the chain should also pay attention to a degree, not hard hair hair and sealing desperately, account, did not know he made hundreds of articles on the inside.

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