Gift station home page content is too monotonous and how to make it rich

simple pictures without words modification, always looks less like what, for a picture based website related to the text description is very important, can text the product name and use, can even increase the price, however: "XX product 1, XX products 2, XX 3" this form of text is meaningless, and did not really reflect the name of the product and use; also remember to add ALT description tags, so that it can help search engines crawl.

Now most of the products


Q & a plate largely solve the user’s doubts, but also enhance the interaction of the website, in >

customer order information can make people trust, many customers buy products are afraid of being cheated, gifts stand with the latest order information, in a sense to eliminate the psychological factors of most visitors; as the railway station in order to make people trust, of course can own in the background call this data, no one has to buy before you can own to fake some information to confuse the user eyeball.

two, call the customer orders

, add a picture description and ALT label

station, is in the form of pictures; open the web page, the eye is a piece of brightly coloured pictures, although the picture seductive, but only in the picture is full of the home, they will make people feel a little monotonous, even the user enters web browsing, not what substantive content to read. From the user perspective, such a picture based website does not have much viscosity, personally think that add points related to the theme of the site content will be better; and from the search engine perspective, not the content of the home support, not what spider to grab, the Shanghai dragon is also very unfavorable.

to write some of the uses of gifts or gifts skills, which can guide the user to purchase, also allows users to learn some knowledge about gifts, which makes many users feel you this website is very professional, is a trusted website; and the search engine perspective, with the content support will make faster ascension website weight, but this thing to shoot two hawks with one arrow but the contents of the article, must be combined with the related theme of the website to write, can play its real role.

to gift station as an example, whether it is what kind of gift is certainly to home station, pictures show the form to the user, in order to make the full page, I think we can from the following several aspects to add.

The latest information of



three, increase the gift to expand knowledge

four, set Q plate increase interaction

The following

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