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on the website included quantity is less and less, may be caused by the following reasons: your site in the server is not stable, the search engine spiders crawl to check for updates in the web and is temporarily removed; your site does not meet the user’s search experience; suggestions according to these points do check.


site included tens to hundreds of thousands, the weight is only 1


first, we ignore the so-called weight, only the amount of included included secret, and not the more the better, but more effective included. Moreover, if included page is built into the lower level library is the light of day. In addition, the weight is not love Shanghai official, but the data suggest that reference third party webmaster tools.

on this issue, the proposed station observation for a week. One day volatility doesn’t explain anything, so don’t confound. We have a client site here, do not observe before diagnosis included intermittently, he is very patient, included the final restoration.

? Following

recently, there are many webmaster to A5 marketing consulting Shanghai Longfeng problems, we also briefly answer some. Then, from the point of view, many websites have wonderful variety of problems, but also analyzes many webmaster in website optimization this is not so good, some webmaster is with basic questions we. Of course, there are many webmaster of the site was down right, the weight can not break through the bottleneck, in our consulting Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the station grew to a diagnosis of our customers. So, in order to help the webmaster Website Optimization Website Optimization Webmaster Help better, we will be better.

, why?

on the title tag, including title tags, Keywords tag, description tag, the current love >


why my site included fewer number of

excuse me, is the unique content? If it is to repeat the content on the Internet, is not normal.

modify the description will be down right?

articles included after being removed Shanghai love is going on?

, A5 marketing simply compiled some webmaster ask Shanghai dragon, not very dry cargo, but are some of the common and confused webmaster problem, we continue to read:

now many sites have no unique content, most of them are reproduced content from other sites. In fact, we suggest broad webmaster recruit some professional editing staff, original content to edit every day a small amount, the remaining can be a pseudo original model. Of course, if there are users contribute unique and original content that is better. As we have A5 webmaster, webmaster to contribute original content every day, the quality of the content is very high.

my station today suddenly no ranking, included less what

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