Are still hesitant to use social media The webmaster can not look down upon it

, forum, blog, renren贵族宝贝, watercress, known, or popular micro-blog, WeChat and other media channels are known as the construction of the chain. Outside chain in Shanghai dragon’s role in the less important, but the chain now shouldering more is to introduce the role of flow. In small series, the diversity of the chain, only in order to improve the site’s exposure, then the introduction of traffic, which has brought the transformation. So it is important for the chain effect of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai is now the Phoenix practitioners can not give up part.


2, the interaction can bring word of mouth for the site

of course, so considerable flow is the direction of development of any enterprise site can not be ignored, so more and more websites begin to build their own social media, it is not only a member of enterprises, but also to the enterprise site to bring good traffic into Oh! So you webmaster friends, in the wake of the new the website, they tend to build the social media for its business account, one part of the maintenance of this part of the account is every day Shanghai Longfeng practitioners

speaking of social media, in addition to bring traffic to the site itself, the end of the site of Shanghai Longfeng effect and what beneficial effects? If you want to know the webmaster friends, Xiaobian look together!

mixed network people unfamiliar to the so-called "Chaoyang people" will not it, this is also the product of the Internet era. Anything on the network will cause a kind of evaluation, may be good, may be critical, in short is a controversial exposure degree. However, Ten thousand steeds gallop. Xiaobian think, if you want to build a good reputation for the website "

1, the most important advantage is also the most practical introduction of considerable flow

growth, Ten thousand steeds gallop. Xiao Bian found that traditional media still exists in people’s life, the number of users of social media is huge, mainly due to the micro business, electricity supplier which is more and more of it! You can be friends to look around, since the intelligent mobile phone in the hands of the people, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ and other applications of social media is becoming more and more widely, even when some friends to dinner with micro-blog mobile phone brush. Is this not the social media has become popular on the Internet the biggest

! Oh!

if you webmaster friends pay close attention to this kind of social media, take micro-blog as an example, you will find in the hot search list on the topic can bring to the site traffic is very considerable, so many enterprises began to set up so-called strategy, and then specifically on how to plan activities in the media, thus the introduction of the traffic for the site. Of course, this is the change of the needs of users in Shanghai dragon direction, webmaster friends also don’t care about the so-called Shanghai Dragon Technology Development of Shanghai Longfeng work must keep pace with the times.

In fact, whether it is With the continuous development of the Internet, Oh!

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