American drama tells the story of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur far from reality absurdUse single page

I’ve been studying online marketing for the last two years, and I’m eager to find the fastest and most effective way to do it. Fortunately, I’ve finally found it. This method was popular in foreign countries in the early years, because this method is simple, fast and effective, so people in China have begun to use it in the past two years. In the network industry, to do service is better than to make products, then how can use the network to sell products quickly and effectively, this is what I want to introduce to you the single page network marketing.

2, high conversion, network marketing is the most critical conversion rate. The use of single page network marketing, even if the level is poor, it is much better than the effect of advertising alone. I have tested myself, in general, the conversion rate of at least 1% to 100 visits, users can clinch a deal 1 than orders, if the product profit is relatively high, the income is still considerable. Why is the conversion rate so high? The use of single page network marketing is characterized by a comprehensive introduction of products, products will be able to explain the advantages of a very detailed, can effectively improve the user’s confidence in the product.

currently has a single page Internet marketing in China, and Liu Keya, known as the marketing magician, is said to be the first to use it. Wang Zijie he worked with SEO expert Wang Tong, also got good results.. Su Yinhua he has very good results on a single page, writing a lot of network marketing copywriting has obtained very good result, and also held several sessions of "money machine" network training, which is a single page of network marketing course.

3, user operation is simple, single page network marketing at the same time with text, pictures and video integrated display, product performance is strong, so as to improve the desire to buy. The whole single page operation is very simple, the user can operate only submit orders, because simple, so the success rate is relatively high. I think this feature is also any other web site should learn, and the easier to do the site, the easier it is to achieve the purpose.

writing marketing copy; marketing copywriting should be detailed, comprehensive, including the main content of the product introduction, highlighting the advantages of products. Product prices should be prominent, low performance, high prices

is precisely because the play is too exaggerated plot settings, the Wall Street Journal Web Technology Edition will be published in each episode after the author published the article, pointing out the plot and the reality of inconsistencies. For example, the second episode, when asked Richard gives investors a business plan, completely at first to mind the code thought is in Wikipedia search points in the business plan. The careless entrepreneur doesn’t even know that the premise of the investment is that he has the corresponding registered company. In view of these circumstances, including KPCB and some VCs have pointed out that such nonsense entrepreneur does not exist in reality.

is different from the general sitcom, and Silicon Valley has a clear story line: how does entrepreneur Richard and his code friends overcome all kinds of frustrations on the way to start a business?. It is unknown whether they will succeed or not, and fortunately, a large company and an investor have taken advantage of a set of compression algorithms developed by Richard at the same time.

1, from a technical point of view, making a single page network marketing platform is very simple, almost no technical content. Such as Internet debit password: jason.yoao this case.

TV posters, the protagonists spoof photo of Jobs’s classic action Tencent technology plan

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in the "Silicon Valley" of the story, the entrepreneur, the code continues the image of agriculture for their impression of the outside world, such as unsociable, casual wear, see the beauty helpless, even held a Party seemed abruptly, but not underestimate this may help people with.

HBO in the latest comedy "Silicon Valley" Silicon Valley, a series of satirical spoof and exaggeration of the strange phenomenon of science and technology circle one shake out. In view of the controversy arising from the play, HBO has recently announced its renewal of the second season.

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, don’t think that this drama should extol the spirit of innovation and struggle of Silicon Valley people, and do not expect to learn from this drama. Because, in the writer and director Mike ·, Giorgi Mike Judge eyes, the reality of the Silicon Valley in the story than his drama reflects the absurd, bizarre. This exudes a deep sense of irony comedy may be more like a "mirror: let the people of Silicon Valley to see how rich their living conditions of delight.

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when the American TV series talked about doctors, lawyers, police and politicians, Hollywood finally turned its attention to the entrepreneurs and farmers in Silicon Valley.

this eight episode drama currently broadcast only three episodes, entrepreneurs play staged for the plight of the science and technology circles is really too familiar: high to sell the company or to win investors money? Big company quickly developed a similar product how to do? How to give investors a satisfactory business plan the name of the company?

actually registered by other companies?

Tencent technology Wang Xin reported April 22nd

they use single page Internet marketing to promote training courses, sell learning materials, sell digital products, and so on, which have created many sales miracles. In fact, I think that as long as the master of skills and techniques, to promote any product is possible.

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