Ecological combing and evolutionary trend of China’s nternet AllianceWang Xing under ten years

is walking in the office area of the United States mission, with a LCD screen hanging above each department. You can see in real time in the mobile client Department registered a number of users per minute, the number and proportion of users from Android, iPhone and iPad, every minute of each terminal volume, and change at various times of the day trading volume trend; you can see today is in the proportion of the customer service telephone customer service, customer satisfaction, customer service idle the number of.

market situation 4: through strict means of site integrity certification, through technical means to limit the flow of cheating, etc., become the perfect target of advertising alliance. The essence of ad alliance is the collection of websites and how to select "high-quality" members

market situation 3: the advertising alliance is still the development of high traffic contribution, good advertising effectiveness of high-quality members of the site. High quality sites and small sites advertising alliance has 28 effects in the flow contribution and advertising revenue, accounting for twenty percent of the contribution to the alliance quality web site traffic and advertising revenue as high as eighty percent, so the advertising alliance will remain in the development of high quality sites. Which accounted for eighty percent of the small website flow of cheating are often dishonest behavior, strict supervision of advertising often lead to small sites were closed, these factors make the small and medium-sized websites play the role, but in the Internet media fragmentation intensified, the number of small sites is still a large proportion in advertising alliance.

geek Management: data driven

Wang doesn’t think he’s a management genius. He’s just sticking to common sense. He says, "as long as you keep your accounts clear, anyone can make wise decisions.".

Wang Xing also admitted that the U.S. was founded a few years he has been accompanied by anxiety, this anxiety from the not to occur in CEO responsible for what, this subtle and uncertainty is the source of anxiety. "If you know enough about the situation, you can put information in a relatively comprehensive collection before you can finally make judgments.". It’s difficult when you don’t have enough time, not enough resources, and you have to make decisions when you don’t have enough information, which inevitably leads to some anxiety." Wang Xing says.

DCCI data show that in 2008 China advertising market scale reached 1 billion 810 million yuan, an increase of 70.8% compared to 2007, advertising has become one of the important channels for advertisers online advertising, advertising alliance gradually increasing influence in the industry. Affected by the financial turmoil and other factors, DCCI expects 2009 China advertising union advertising revenue will grow by 46.4% compared to 2008, the total size increased to 2 billion 650 million yuan.


Wang Xing’s first job every morning is to look at the data of the day before, and then with Executives meeting to analyze the problem, the performance of each business sector in the form clear. Wang Xing even sent micro-blog ridicule: "data show that in the United States group of all employees, I am older than 96.3% of the people.". "What does that mean?"

market situation 1: advertising alliance will pay more attention to its own brand building, advertising alliance enterprises into the stage of brand competition. All along, the overall image of the advertising alliance is poor, the advertising alliance varies greatly, there are such as false clicks, traffic cheating and other issues of integrity. In order to promote the league’s image and attract more large advertisers, advertising pay more attention to their own brand building in 2009, especially to join the site lifting barriers to entry, a small website based advertising alliance to bad image.

market situation 2: a wide variety of attractive value-added services has become an important marketing service for advertisers, advertisers, members of the development alliance, and show their differences. The value-added service of advertising alliance is divided into value-added services for alliance members and value-added services to advertisers. As an important means of development alliance members, value-added services to members of the alliance, including advertising, technical training, member website optimization, website maintenance and so on. Advertising alliance advertising model has not yet been widely recognized advertisers, especially some large brand advertisers. It is therefore very important to launch mode and value to advertisers on the alliance value-added services for advertisers understand the alliance advertising, these value-added services including suitable advertising alliance advertising planning, monitoring value and effect advertising alliance, and advertising through the software investment and operation etc..

Wang Xing Fanfou signature is: "if I didn’t see all day, think, or do what is at any meal that thing, that this day would be a muddle along without any aim."

perhaps it is because of Internet products of origin, let Wang Xing in the management of a company has a large number of sales of group purchase more experience – the more it becomes more and more important to enhance the management efficiency of data business seems a multitude of things, and many disappeared in the bubble in group purchase company, it is lost in the management control in the process of rapid expansion.

September 2011, handle net submit listed prospectus. Once the handle nets listed, in the power of expansion, the other Group buy site is almost beyond. At that time, handle nets, Wo Wo Group as the first camp buy site expanded to more than 300 regions nationwide, public comment, glutinous rice network expanded to more than 50 areas, the United States Group in the middle, expanded to 100 cities.

for data seriously, directly affect the pace of development of the U.S. group.


Wang Xing’s decision to stick to every city in expansion must be consistent with science. He will integrate the city’s population, the GDP, the Taobao consumer index, the number of Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, and the number of cinemas:

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