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in a club in Yundang lake, kung fu tea had three or four global share, also between investors and venture a few of the oldest continuing, which is natural, Cai Wensheng, once the domain name king, personal website godfather, famous person day today so that investors, chairman and tuxiu show.

has a pivotal

 :  : our tenet and objective: to pursue the enterprise tenet of "innovation, Internet service, experience business innovation", and continuously pursue the development goal of technology leading, service leading, mode leading and performance leading.

      186AD ad network is a network focused on the promotion of professional website, which is based on all walks of life to join the object enterprise website and personal website, which allows all members of the alliance to jointly build a global service network through the full integration of resources. Is based on the Internet advertising alliance and traditional advertising to provide comprehensive e-commerce consulting and solutions, one of the professional IT company, has a number of products and services related to Internet advertising. For the full range of network advertising to provide advertisers and web site, we will jointly domestic tens of thousands of websites to establish good relations of cooperation, can be customized to the entire network advertising process.

 ,  , 186AD advertising alliance, adhering to the traditional advertising marketing ideas, and the organic combination of the Internet, and creatively provide new marketing channels for advertisers. Through the 186AD advertising alliance platform, advertisers can easily understand the accurate statistics of advertising, and can track the advertising websites in real time. So that you can feel the real benefits of advertising.

    186AD; advertising alliance will continue to uphold and develop a solid, practical and innovative spirit, respect for talent, focus on technology, to enable users to enjoy the latest achievements in the development of information technology at the same time to get the maximum benefit, to promote the development of China information industry and e-commerce, make the largest contribution to the 186AD advertising alliance with good credit to promote the rise of the knowledge economy, look forward to growth, together with all members of the association of development and growth!

also in the Internet arena, Fujian did not miss a critical moment.


is a different Gang,

a number of bones with Fujian special arms, where there is opportunity, they will be gathering in crowds and groups to where, mutual sincere and open, Fujian is a united group, always want to use a hammer, hammer a to the changing economic landscape.

is one of the largest famous, nature is Cai Wensheng. By registering domain names and investments, he gained a lot of capital, and the names of storm images, baofeng, potatoes, tudou and so forth came from his hand. The domain name as the entrance to the Internet, but also brought him a huge flow.

, their stronghold,

private share from time to time will be a, and Cai Wensheng also battles over the Yao Jincheng era from the domain name, the shared understanding for Xiamen unique entrepreneurial quality open.

these huge traffic also prompted him to set up navigation site 265, after the acquisition of shlf1314 China high price. Next, do community, China Station >

is the only gap between the southern and southern mountains,

our business philosophy: faith, sharing, win-win, create  

in the territory of China’s Internet start-ups,

Abstract: no real literary youth will see it as a paradise, but for entrepreneurs, here is an irreplaceable starting point. They often wear shorts and slippers, and plan big things in a bubble of tea.

achieve win-win situation, take the road of sustainable development

our features:
1, guarantee day payment!
2, billing system, reliable and reliable,
3, high advertising prices

was born in Beijing around 2000, when Sina and Sohu, Guangdong out of the Tencent, Alibaba in Hangzhou turned out in the Internet based construction period, Xiamen to go the other way, out of the first China domain name registration website — China channel.

, you never expected


in the next five years, Xiamen registered domain names accounted for 50% of the country, the city is directly known as "domain city.". At that time, when Yao Jincheng saw the opportunity, he started business China to provide basic services for the registration of domain names. Not only is he, including Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong, a large number of entrepreneurs in Xiamen created a whole industry chain of domain name registration.

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