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one of his former subordinates in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology fashion don’t know Yan Limin jingfangxingju news, he even said that they believe in Limin Yan was dismissed after will come back, and bring you more surprises. After he was told that Yan Limin had been detained, he could hardly believe that he was saying """. Is that true? No, isn’t it? "?

Yan Limin’s flower name in Alibaba is ", Hui Fei ", but a direct subordinate to Yan Yan told Tencent technology, in the company, we all used to call him "Yan boss".

received $1 million 500 thousand A round of financing in July 2012 for red point investments;

this news come very suddenly, it was a few days before detention, Yan Limin also forwarded a micro-blog Zhejiang TV host China less on micro-blog, and add a comment " too timid ". Now it seems that this sentence makes people feel a kind of language into Ji means.

passionate boss

Yan Limin was removed from office, Alibaba said in an official statement that, in the case of the Juhuasuan team, Yan Limin had a major management misconduct. But as he himself was arrested, things became less simple.

in the Alibaba, Yan Wei, the main thing to do two things, the first is to promote the establishment of Amoy Jianghu, second is launched the Juhuasuan project. Amoy arena eventually incorporated into Taobao, Juhuasuan is still very influential. Although the outcome of these two projects is different, but according to insiders, in the first year of the establishment of the project, the two projects were Alibaba internal ", ".


Yan Limin might have never thought that his name was so widely known for the first time because of such disgraceful things.


in April 2013 to obtain Ali capital of $3 million A+ round of financing.

Amoy on the road was founded in 2011, from UGC i.e., the community started to travel on the road, similar to the platform as well as the ant nest, bread travel, 2014 sales to the tourism product platform transformation, advocate "walk out" and the service of travel destinations.



bankruptcy main reason:

1, the lack of liquidity of enterprises, relying on Financing continued life, the result of the final venture capital market environment gradually cold, capital for investment increasingly cautious, resulting in C round is not in place and death.

In 2014,

received million RMB angel investment in August 2011;

mentions Yan Limin, the first impression of many people is very passionate. Yan Limin is very good at speech, PPT is very beautiful, very persuasive and infectious, in him

, the most famous self introduction of Yan, perhaps, was the founder of Wangjiang house, one of the most famous communities in Sichuan University and the first entrance of Southwest university. That was his work at college. After that, he worked as management in the Sichuan region of two Internet Co, and formally joined the Alibaba in 2007.

who did not think, was dismissed in March Juhuasuan general manager Yan Limin on suspicion of bribery of non national staff in the earlier this month by Hangzhou police criminal detention.

2, too much subsidy or become an important cause of its capital strand breaks. A large amount of money is spent on purchasing flows, advertising and user subsidies.

basic introduction:

one, backed by thigh, Ali capital: Amoy still announced bankruptcy on the road,

in order to restore the Yan Limin person, call the Tencent of science and technology a number of colleagues and friends, they think Yan Limin is a very passionate, ideas, and the executive power of the people. But they didn’t understand why he made such a big mistake.

Abstract: in 2016, the capital of winter is like forcing Cretaceous dinosaur extinction, some were quickly forced startups feel even because it is difficult to adapt to the test, many fail. But whether for investors or entrepreneurs, to sum up the past is for better progress.

GPLP comments:

in June 24, 2016, once the star company Amoy on the road to the supplier recently issued an open letter, the letter said, Amoy on the road by the winter capital, struggling, the reorganization of assets in order to seek new business transformation, and the related debt consolidation and settlement of the work is already in progress.

business should pay attention to cash flow and strict management of funds, have the ability to self hematopoietic, survive is the key.

has won $3 million A+ round of financing Ali capital, and new horizon capital investment led tens of millions of dollars B round of financing

"crazy money burn" also brings sequelae. Beginning in October 2015, Amoy began on the road to shrink marketing costs, subsidies costs, the team size from 300 to 200 people. To this abrupt turn, Chen Wei’s explanation is, "capital winter is an inducement"". As a result, Chen Wei has expressed the helplessness of the strategy of burning money: "sometimes it can not be avoided, for example, sometimes others burn money."

the company was founded five years, B round of financing after tens of millions of dollars, once approved, Ali redpoint capital and New Horizon Capital heavyweight investment institutions project right in the winter.

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