Line popular by MOE is expected to go public in July with a market capitalisation of 5 billion 42


, according to the SimilarWeb survey in 187 countries including only Android phones, instant messaging applications from the United States, WhatsApp ranks among the 109 countries, with more than half of the proportion. Including Russia, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, South Central America and even across South America and Africa as a whole, WhatsApp is primarily used as a communications software for everyday use.

LINE is an Asia centric, instant messaging App, very popular in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. By March of this year, the number of monthly active users in LINE was 218 million.

Viber ranks third in popularity and is mainly used in Eastern Europe and the balkans. LINE is the largest number used in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the Central Asian countries, turkmenistan.

sites and can bind the domain name space, then you can try to find out the help of friends, your site is temporarily resolved to his space, make your domain name and domain name of his visit is the same site. I believe a few days ago a friend to see my blog sidebar with a "door is advertising" blocks, it is a test that I do make my blog and apply for Ali mother domain***.org can also access to my blog. Simply put, is to allow domain name A and domain name B at the same time resolved to space C, and can access synchronously, even if not all pages are synchronous, at least you should realize the home page synchronization.

3, deceitful: change analysis to your new domain of space should not realize, oh ~ ~ I have been look at the mother of Ali and shlf1314 advertising alliance application protocol, which did not say not to do so, ha ha, you should also say to


June 1st, according to the "Japanese economic news" reported that the instant messaging provider Line APP is expected to be the fastest at the beginning of July listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. Nomura and Morgan Stanley will become IPO underwriters, LINE in the market at the same time, also plans to market in the United states.


, but the biggest feature of LINE is that it has a lot of expression stickers, and that’s why many people love LINE. Many people don’t know what LINE is, but they are familiar with the cartoon images of LINE rabbits and bears.

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method on the above a few, I believe this method should be able to pass, because I used a few domain names have been tested, apply for Ali mom >

is far behind the development of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp in 49 countries outside the mainstream, including the United States, Canada, Australia, most Eastern European countries and the Nordic countries.

compared with WeChat, LINE mainly for acquaintances, social friends, the main way to add is automatically added from the address book. LINE has the Internet telephony feature and has introduced several peripheral applications such as Line, Brush, Line, Card, and some gaming applications. These applications can be sent to chat conversations.

before you apply, you’d better have a space to bind the domain name, and this space should have a good site, through Ali mom and shlf1314 advertising alliance review. Listed below, specific methods of operation, please refer to:

is forecast to reach about 600 billion yen about $5 billion 420 million after the LINE listing, making it Japan’s largest initial public offering IPO this year.

2: use your domain name, advance secretly by an unknown path for mom or shlf1314 advertising, then shlf1314 advertising alliance is approved, Ali mother put into advertising code you have to do the site, waiting for approval. Then, we should be able to think of, when the mother of Ali and shlf1314 account audit to audit personnel to see your website is your best website, so your application domain and how advertising account will not pass? has been mentioned above, when parsing the ready to parse your website and, through the examination of the

: will you apply to hide a dagger behind a smile mom or shlf1314 advertising alliance shlf1314 advertising alliance for domain name domain name should be registered after half a year to the analytical space you have to do the site above or that sentence, the site should be the mother of Ali and shlf1314 advertising alliance audit.

attention, please, this is not the title of the party, I discovered it inadvertently, please be patient. A few days ago, I used a domain name resolution to another site already ready, and then remembered to come and apply for Ali mother to see, and the results within two hours passed me. This also made me happy, and then I thought again, think the following way to apply for Ali mom and shlf1314 advertising union account is feasible.

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LINE was in Shanghai last year opened the first China cartoon image of "LINE FRIENDS" shop, the store covers an area of 400 square meters, the location of new world high-end shopping area SOHO Renaissance square. "LINE FRIENDS" opened, it has been a lot of young people in Shanghai sought after.

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