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, however, the NetEase turmoil over the past few months has been a bit exaggerated. According to the NetEase or just leaving also brothers in said attendance punch card, business overhead, audit, almost become a NetEase "say good" all sorts of test methods, in the HR Department continued to put pressure on the emperor to abdicate, the NetEase responsible for the contents of the media director middle have almost gone.


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Harvard Business students once had a survey, that is, entrepreneurs to invest in is a matter of necessity, especially to the age of a little larger. According to statistics, almost accounted for more than 40%, nearly half of entrepreneurs, in fact, in varying degrees, have gone to the investment field.

said investors pressure, high mental tension, but in fact I do investment, never midnight can not sleep, wake up.

, according to B, a NetEase that has just left the office, there are two reasons for this irregular disguised layoffs and personnel unrest. One is NetEase media >

3/1000’s investors are back in business,

company in the bad business or strategic adjustment, by the HR department in the business line and attendance strict assessment, to realize disguised layoffs itself is also a kind of workplace routine means.

, however, the proportion of investors doing pioneering work is very small. If I remember correctly, my impression is that there is a 3/1000 figure.

this can not help but think of a few months ago, because of a thousand blocks of deleted draft screen door and left the NetEase broadcast business group general manager Zhuang Xiaoyan Zhuang. Zhuang Yan laughs after joining the NetEase is in power, has a decisive influence on the portal content and strategy of NetEase. His screenshot door was exposed in January, but did not leave publicly until April, in which the tangled story itself reflects the NetEase media on the road bumpy thorns. In the later.

therefore, investment to do a long time people go to business, do not say anything else, not the experience of experience is not the problem, not to understand the industry do not understand the question, not even the money problem, but there is no question of courage.

reportedly, just in the weekend Yang Binbin left, NetEase media began all the post editor CMS authority investigation, that is to say, ready to large-scale investigation of the editors of the press release and delete the manuscript.

however, the more intense the personnel turmoil just reflects the NetEase listed media difficult and the resistance of the road, again reflecting the business idea and personal style of Ding Lei.

NetEase media wants to package, integration, packaging concept listed in the United States, is no news. But in the impact of listing of the 1 years, the NetEase famous so-called "iron Ding Lei water editor" style has intensified, the content of department turbulence is more and more serious, this seemingly listed and NetEase do not match the tone of the portal impact.

if in accordance with the professional point of view of venture capital, some things almost impossible to do, but also feel too unreliable. Entrepreneurship is to rush out in the process is not reliable in, so there is a close call "said.

someone asked me, "at this age, why should I challenge myself again in the spring tide of entrepreneurship and meet the tide of competition?" this question is quite sharp. Actually, challenging yourself is a fun thing to do.

disguised layoffs and departures editor


is a person to be careless with. So I started an entrepreneurial journey.

, investing in people who have been doing it for a long time is a question of courage."

late Friday, NetEase deputy editor in chief Yang Binbin left the news finally began to spread from the media. The once bright after Yang Binbin is leaving NetEase within half a year second deputy editor in chief, had joined the broadcast platform as a partner and hand away NetEase broadcast center many people at the beginning of the year, due to the recent B tear and operation in the know sister figure and popularity rise.

because of the long-term investment, especially investment risk, used to look at the risk, investment risk is not big to the investment risk; but from the perspective of risk considerations, to shield the risk, to shield the risk and control risk and judge risk as a kind of professional skills, and the use of financial instruments or a means to solve the problem.

is the most exaggerated, the NetEase put a HR because I just graduated Department colleagues live punch girl fired when the decision letter sent to the little girl’s home, her parents saw, finally forced the girl to court.

if a person spends so much energy on paying attention to risk, he can’t start a business. Entrepreneurship is conditional, and no conditions are required to create it.

if entrepreneurship requires ten elements, but the entrepreneur only then three, five, two, and sometimes even one, he must go forward. You can walk a step forward, and the entrepreneur is in the process of progress to solve the problems encountered.

, many of them are more than ten years old staff, as well as high-level.

over time, the risk of investment people pay special attention to risk, you talk to him about how the project is good, but he specifically looked at the project there are various problems.


investors always put >

according to NetEase A said, although NetEase editor in chief substitutions have been commonplace, but the content department from top to bottom of the overall turmoil in the history of NetEase is still very rare.

a project, if not, then vote for a new one, I can choose to do the risk distribution, the East is not bright, the west is bright.

unhappy, will

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