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hi week CP APP and WeChat room




first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


activity time: January 30, 2008 – February 14, 2008

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CCTV once had a discovery program, a period that once told of human evolution and the demise of the apes. The commentator said in the end, "they did not die because they failed too much, but because they tried too little.". So with Alipay, with WeChat, a bike sharing. There is also a better understanding of what you think of " Know Yourself" and " the new world phase ".

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C sweepstakes will be displayed directly on the click active page after the "lucky draw" button.

pictures from the probability theory number including head chart,

* the final interpretation of all *

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on the "Yangtze River 7" hit on the occasion, show the launch — see "Yangtze River 7", in the lucky

, and in the user’s perspective, in addition to two people encounter a small probability, met a non slag object need probability, can meet each other’s chat needs probability, can let this relationship really precipitation down also >

unique alliance

, and this paragraph is exactly one week CP model founder " probability theory " a piece of copy the first half. The core of the CP at one week is nothing more than two " unfamiliar " people who pretend to be lovers for 7 days, without formality, identity and sexuality. From May 2016 version 1 on-line, so far has introduced 6 issues, 7 version is still in operation, the number has risen from hundreds of people in the past to tens of thousands. Then the admission of " Hi CP a week, starting in October last year, has completed 23 weekly activities, the latest phase of 130 thousand people participated in the activities. The pattern is spreading across every corner of the circle of friends.

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I’m diving into the investigation. Maybe I can meet you as a reader. This probability is about 0.0048.


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


how about CP a week,


rules: A now registration send 10 yuan vouchers, purchase movie tickets online payment immediately save 10 yuan

in the user portrait, the active request is university students and university graduates four years of people; I contact the user really are mostly college students, there are a few one or two years after all users, compared with single men and women have a strong demand for marriage, also will not choose this way to solve life events.


B where the purchase of "Yangtze River 7" movie tickets in the show, you can order movie tickets by lucky sweepstakes, each order number can only participate in a

from the beginning of the registration, the organizers of the activities will be randomly matched according to the requirements. At the same time will be set up for the CP " room; " WeChat group, according to my interview users to get the data, each group of users in about 100, and set the homeowners, homeowners need to each room through the registration and selection, generally the past activities of the participants. Subsequently, two people need to complete the clock tasks in the room according to the tasks released in the room every day, such as "good night for each other", "creative puzzles", "interactive games" and so on.

* grand prize: show movie vouchers 5 day 2

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

active page:

more League information is available: top.admin5/u



* lucky prize: plush toys, exquisite key buttons, mobile phone chain model 20 per day, then extract,