Your advice and experienceThe inspiration of online games to network community

3., if you’re a student, it’s better to take schoolwork as your priority. Don’t join the team,.

1. registration of several foreign mail can be introduced, such as YAHOO MSn GMAIL ICQMAIL can

7. Wangzhuan won’t make you rich overnight, but if you are not careful to let you be careful investment as pour as a church mouse station

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

looked at more than 7, if you have decided to do Wangzhuan, so would you please do the following for

1., if you have your own computer, and a lot of Internet time, you can consider making money online,.

6. improves your computer skills quickly by handling your computer


, if you’re new, and if you want to make money on the Internet, if you want to make money online, please read the following, and then consider whether you want to make money online,.

5. Wangzhuan is very hard, very difficult to learn a lot of things, please get ready for your

5, open your online banking, such as industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, construction bank and other

, we look at a few interesting contrast data.  

1, MSN, the maximum number of simultaneous online 500 thousand per day. World of Warcraft has the highest daily online number of 5 million;  

2,   business daily single user contribution General Portal good CLICK about 20 online games; single user per minute contribution of CLICK more than 20 members of the user, the average daily online games more than 1 hours, if the game in a CLICK as a PV, then PV is the site of the game 3600 times.  

3, China’s virtual game equipment annual trading volume is not less than 2 times the game card, about 4 billion yuan.  

A, what allows users to contribute CLICK 

network community: from 70%, 20% from the headlines attract user personalized information, including the CLICK main actions: browse, comment, publish, vote, collection, editing etc.. MYSPACE and other personal centered community platform, the amount of CLICK data editing has increased, but the proportion is not more than 30% 

Fast feedback principle  

game, every time the value of the CLICK feedback are basically instant, I see the blood, brandished a knife, cut down the enemy on the screen there is no direct feedback, cut down half blood need to cut 5 knife, then point.

3. keeps your antivirus software up to date, in case your property or money is stolen by hackers,.

2. download a Kingsoft FastAIT, English translation "should be used, or prepare a English Chinese dictionary.

4. download a multi window browser, click ads, see mail to use.


6. Wangzhuan can not let you Fadacai, ready to work as much as you earn.

4. if you are mentally fit / physically fit / analytical / judgment is weak, don’t join the team,.

2., if you are disgusted with computers and Internet, please don’t join this team,.