SMS ringtone advertising to increase revenue Share my Taobao shop 2 months Chong drilling experience

from 09 in June to now, in Taobao stumbled also quickly 2 drilling, from a lot of soft Wen said, Taobao venture into the lowest, also have their own views and opinions.

6. if you can in the menu bar and a ringtone channel best, open the page the user is most concerned about what menu column, do not put in the end, put the first best.

7. color collocation, color advertising ringtone maybe with the main color consistency is better, perhaps contrary to the main color is better, more try, may improve a lot of revenue, take a few minutes to change the code can improve the tens of dollars, the function of the code input box to the difference with the surrounding color should be bright, for example, all around is a dark gray box code input function to get a bright yellow, so more conspicuous.

you have to know your professional information most in the industry, and chat to know that when guests, things related to this industry! As I do now and love like underwear, the same clothes as many people say, you why so expensive? It has a great influence on the price of clothes and fabrics for example, our fabric all imported Austria Blue Beijing company model, also a lot of misunderstanding and modal, modal is simply a viscose, the glue, Beijing is the best, their brand is modal. This one is domestic, Japanese, Taiwan, and Japan is actually Li sai. Many are looking at this brand, easy to use, it is a use.

3. website content to be updated, advertising will follow ringtones to update, a year-round advertising code easy for many users have the feeling of fatigue, no mind, will not pay attention to, some owners feel first put the code within a few days after the effect is good, a few days the effect is gradually worse, that is the amount deducted, but there is another reason why is your loyal users to produce visual fatigue, how will go to the next ring.

a lot of things are explored by practice, and friends who do stand should be more capable of exploration than others. SMS channel in different provinces alliance in different time using different channels, different rates of different processes, different, and different user station distribution in different provinces, resulting in some sites in the union high income, that is low, so the adjustment of advertising is the best way to continue. SMS ringtones > Alliance

4.SEO station, after the audition page is closed, you can add one or more full screen popups

My Taobao

February drill, the monthly income of 10000 yuan.

clothing is good or bad, in fact, depends on fabric, workmanship and design. Speaking of the modal is in front of Austria. Fabric weaving, such as the use of 40 yarn, 50 yarn, 60 yarn, 80 yarn, etc., professional terminology is not understood by ordinary people, the best product is woven from 80 yarn, and black and white love with 60 yarn. Of course there are fabrics such as cotton, polyester collocation% + of your% + of your%, or cotton or cotton polyester% + of your%, in fact, is a relatively good collocation of 47%+ cotton Modaier 47%+ polyester 6%, this dress is comfortable to keep strong, feel is very good. 100% modal dress is comfortable, but maintenance is not good, the clothes hanging. 50% cotton 50%+ modal is comfortable, but not elastic. Such a lot of problems, need to know more time, Taobao’s competition is very fierce, in front of 20 rankings, in front of the great difficulty. A lot of cars have started to go straight, which also adds to the cost. With my Taobao mall advertising, big customer manager talk about understanding, a month of good Taobao store advertising input is more than 18W months, and these are part of the price structure.

, and now on Taobao, you buy things as well as selling pictures, notes, when we black and white, please network Reds Zhang Xiaoyu photo is a small sum of money. Another is to add 3 people together to do pictures, do effects, upload and so on time + Network + computer. I said my little point I got almost 1 months. One word "tired", two words "very tired", three words "very tired."". A successful Taobao shop!

SMS ringtones can also be customized ringing tone? The answer is yes, the income or income currently accounts for a large proportion of the music station, but the income is declining, the situation has become increasingly close, how to do? Not change wait for China online wireless music market changes, more than a little higher income. Who live to the end who live best! Persevering, this paper aims to introduce some simple tips, SMS ringtones do something more valuable, you need to constantly explore, establish two group, group A: 50822886 full group two: 50822684, hope to do more to communicate with the central station.

shop start-up costs small, low threshold, low risk

5. do some guidance, such as in the mobile phone input box before adding "* * * song download to the phone", similar as long as not violate the regulations can add.

2., a page can put two or more music functions, size and color match each other.

1. low threshold, small cost

this word in Taobao soft Wen often see, in fact, this is wrong, time and energy input is very big.

1. is the best position for the upper left corner of the page to play for ringtones function code, the player should be placed below the best page should as far as possible about beautiful, less garbage ad code, for a flow return affect the overall revenue and user’s trust is not worth the candle, it is best not to have to open the window the page at the same time.

product price

product expertise,