Community content operators should not step on the 7 pit

community is a very hard thing to do, the community’s drive is nothing more than high-quality users and high-quality content. The user wants to do everyday, and all people of every hue contact; and do content, also is a very troublesome thing, do not do the community from the media, because the user has the right to speak. For operators, this degree is very difficult to grasp. In the early years, we have chosen a great loss in the selection of the forum, and tell you today, I hope you can step on the mine a little.

community platform can be divided into vertical community comprehensive community and industry two, the number of vertical community has increasingly become a lot of people, is the first choice for business, and many tools products, slowly began to use community to increase its viscosity. The community is not equal to BBS is a community community product form, with micro-blog post, just not the headlines, this popular mobile phone broadcast, we can understand the mobile terminal + live video version of the post, the community can be changed, just change the skin, change is not the same method. And means, not outside. You should step on the same step. So my article should be useful to everyone.

1 social class content

society, many of the content is not touched, because it involves public opinion issues, it is easy to be harmonious, such sections we later cut off.

this place generally gathers the following categories of people:

, 1 young cynic. The unfair and dark side, love all vent dissatisfaction with their people that day Tucao society, we call ", and the social class of young cynic" forum is the largest gathering of young cynic who, there are signs of the topic and natural events, soon to be detonated.

2, the opinion leader in the community. Now known as KOL or V, they have a strong appeal in the community, when the concept of fans did not appear, they already have a large number of fans, to some extent, they can influence the direction of public opinion.

3, the truth eating melon masses. Chinese have typical characteristics, is Aza, love to watch, all know the truth of the masses eat melons swarmed, many things can not explain more.

4, navy. Social events are "relatively less, but it is also behind many events have the.

5, journalist. This place, usually there will be a lot of reporters, they have been looking for leaks every day, dig hot spots. Many events, once exposed by reporters, will be overwhelming.

many events, because it is easy to cause great attention, often in the end, good things have become bad things, good intentions have done evil, after all, in the network, who wants to know the truth, but no one can not get the truth.

I studied a hot topic early in my life, and I tried to read all the articles and sometimes stare at three or four a.m.

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