Non mainstream female webmaster but also non mainstream

has heard the mainstream before, but has never been in touch. Because I am a very quiet girl, I don’t like the non mainstream culture in my heart.

in recent years, around the friends are beginning to pursue non mainstream, and in their influence, I began to slowly accept a little non mainstream, but still stay in the light of that level.

until later, I met my present boyfriend. He said that I was a very lovely and quiet girl, but the dress is a bit conservative, a little old fashioned. And hinted that if I could dress up a little less mainstream, it would be more beautiful. So every time I went out with him to meet my friends, he made me dress up in the direction of non mainstream. Slowly, I also began to like the non mainstream, is really like it, because in fact, I really suited to non mainstream dress.

later built a non mainstream station for his hobby. The purpose of the site was simply to collect non mainstream data for himself, and then put some of his own mainstream pictures on his website. Until now, I just feel, do not mainstream webmaster really is not easy. Because the popularity of the site is relatively high, every friend is very eager to get the latest non mainstream information, pictures and other information from my non mainstream station, so I get up at 5 every morning to collect information. Well, for everyone, I’m willing to sacrifice myself. I did that, but I hope everyone can support my

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