nternet business success eight analysis advertising Click to enhance website revenue

after the website obtains the flow through the promotion, the profit is next may consider the topic. The website has what profit mode, how to choose the profit method that suits one’s own site, it is the problem that this chapter needs to discuss thoroughly.

a, divergent thinking, so that the site profit maximization

two, advertising alliance to choose carefully,

three, large advertising alliance introduced

four, is the site good for an advertising alliance,


five, website advertising optimization method

six, Google Adsense apply for actual combat

More than

content details, to the article "Internet Business Success Road (eight):Google Adsense apply for actual combat" reading.

seven. Analyze advertising clicks to boost website revenue by

Google AdSense advertising alliance has been an important channel for most profitable, but AdSense only basic statistics background default impressions and click rate of simple data, these statistics do not reflect the specific situation of advertising. Here to teach you how to add Analytics statistics through the code, cleverly statistical AdSense advertising click, and then through statistical data for advertising optimization, so as to obtain higher advertising revenue.

1. hits the ads with


appeared online a variety of statistical AdSense ad Click software, but Google official statement cannot modify the AdSense code, and the third party service statistics are required to modify the code to statistics. And then the official and updated AdSense ad code, the new version of the ad code statistics tools can hardly use any third party, and the default data statistics only simple numbers, and not for further analysis in advertising, advertising click data analysis is not easy.

By default

statistics, from the "impressions" and "clicks" about last ad revenue, but do not know what these ads are from the user clicks, click on the details of how to. For advertising analysis, these data are very important, not only can be used to further optimize the advertising, also can make it conform to the user habits, avoid web advertising will bring visitors off etc..

in fact, not only is the analysis of advertising to increase the revenue, but also for the webmaster, click on the statistical analysis which IP address click on advertisements, so as to better avoid the popular "malicious click". Although most third party tools can no longer count AdSense, we can also add statistical code to ad clicks by Google Analytics

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