Talk about the no bad money experience of the mainframe network

recently appeared many waves no trace server instability caused by Baidu K server IP, the replacement of a space to think quickly in the first time, due to the big brother talked about the benefits and convenience of hooligan host network, so that to a space above Amoy as a transitional space server is not stable for.

host network registration is still very fast and convenient, this I like very much, also very satisfied, but facing a lot of space shop, then more depressed. Here are the following questions:

1) lost host network, lost me.

doesn’t know how to choose. That is to say, this makes the surf a little bit lost in the host network. Why do you say that and listen to my heart?. Is it customary for you to buy and sell in Taobao? How do you identify the store in the face of the same item? At this time, we can choose the "popularity" or the direct appreciation of the factors that determine the premise of the purchase. A web host written before I talk about the host network did not correct, although no trace of waves is the webmaster, but in the face of the host network, the user experience should be your money can buy? Why is this problem again and again three per


2), cry up wine and sell vinegar.

after more than N, I finally found the purchase list in the lower right corner of the main network. Here I thank you. Time for you very valuable, the station station customer service, it is simply a drag ah.. Do you want to come over the host network station? Humanity do? Whether truly user experience and related investigation? OK, that cry up wine and sell vinegar that points into the list of several shops, thought that the host’s web is "managed" mode, the customer service staff by the host network but, to my surprise the host network all the shops are all IDC QQ consulting staff, a very wonderful feeling in my mind, and then to ask whether can purchase this space when opening so what. He replied: "the activity is done or the store explained by IDC QQ for customer service!!!" and then let it be, right and proper began to recommend our company now that the money is very good, that the very good. If you want the space you choose? Sorry, no.." So the wave said: "no, no money!" sorry, "the boss said, this really can not have."."

3), not bad money does not equal to the money.

, darling, I didn’t go on with this kind of thing. Everyone is not stupid. Who is stupid? I think that fool must be the rookie master of the host computer. So a phone call to friends, immediately in Wuhan hotline trunk room on the server to make a place for me, please, money is small things, human feelings, ah… Then stroll aimlessly in the host network, according to my observation that many people in the captured goods system will immediately pay! That praise poor become belated effort effect, it will please forgive no trace of boundless waves.

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