My super bar talk about my way to do the station

has been studying the site, after six months of toil, I actually learn a professional air conditioning construction site, full of thought can be like other people at home all day to count the money. As a result, I was really wrong, and began to contact the website is the so-called "all the people are earned" web site, because do not understand, coupled with the idea of making money more heavy, so I succeeded in being fooled.

once love something, quickly really, I contact in a chance to DZ a free forum, as we all know, PW has not met but at that time, now I think it is a pity! In the DZ free forum I built at least 5 forums, the kind of joy I think there is little excitement now. Every day hard post, and sometimes a day can send 500 posts, do not feel tired, desperately learning to beautify and the so-called SEO, now, I’m really naive.

when you go to a certain extent, I found a free forum is not suitable for myself, I began to search for free space, then learning website, but more free space limit, only spent 200 yuan to buy into the American space in Taobao, then friends told me, I once again deceived! But stumbling after the site was built up, during which I space from DZ PW Pbdigg CMS. I almost one by one installed again, finally installed DZ, with a lot of problems when I cannot solve, I have to go to the PW forum, adhere to six months, and finally to the 1000 day IP, but UCHOME the reason I put the forum to DZ, this time I really wrong, flow loss, Baidu update difficult, this time I put the forum to sell, 200 yuan, just a few days ago.

but do not know why, the forum to the hands of others is like a feeling. He’s done a day 4000+ IP, the two day to 200 yuan earned back. As for why I really do not know, these really can not learn, or I simply do not fit the site?.

did this and sold the forum. I also made a SNS, and now it’s a good place for company colleagues to work. I work all day long. Although I can’t earn any money, I feel a little relieved, too.

down two days later, I still want to do it, so there is now, although the super bad, but I want to put it into the best site, ideal seems a bit far away from me, the line on the website for three days, the first day of the second day IP64 ip865 today to check for 1500, flow most of the friends from Qihoo, GG, website, website GG has included, Baidu is not included, I found such a situation, even if not included in Baidu, GG will receive 1, your site traffic can also be on the 1000, I also understand why trash can make money, they do not rely on Baidu ah, put hypothesis two some pop and click on the ads, a day income can have 40-50 income, these are just preliminary judgment.

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