Light year forum closed down forum for the development of the road from here

in the domestic SEO sector, the recent occurrence of a lot of things, just Baidu algorithm updates, adjustment, the entire SEO industry chain in the Commissioner of the chain, the chain construction team into confusion. It has also led to the closure of many businesses that offer SEO businesses around the world, and it is well known that they provide SEO services for users, that is, by updating articles and sending out some of these chains. The over optimization of the hospital and the pharmaceutical industry has finally ushered in a wide range of K stations. Website construction of the site also did not escape the punishment of Baidu, overnight back to liberation, all the keywords ranking all by K.

Baidu algorithm adjustment, hard hit the main object for the intention to pass the chain cheating way to manipulate the site in Baidu search results ranking behavior. What upgrades want to achieve: to further reduce the harm to user experience of this kind of behavior; to maintain the interests of the station owner, so as to concentrate on the content construction of the website. "Content is king" once again is mentioned by everyone, but there are so few original articles.

light is a major event. The forum closed, the forum is literally closed because the cause of flooding of the chain. What we really need SEO? Stop spam chain really effective? Light-years forum ban members outside the chain, no signature and so on, only to do share and exchange of technology, many SEO pointed out the direction of scientific SEO based on continuous experimental analysis and data on the search principle. What SEO needs is not to leave a link in the forum, but a normative atmosphere. But this standard is unrealistic, because not everyone love to share, when a technology becomes All the world knows., it has no value.

as a SEOER by the network editor and enter the SEO industry forum, light closed, shut down the focus on SEO and PPC of the door for us, and now the net portal whip Niu Shi becomes worrying. Of course, some people will be in my worry, but now we all look at the net forum. As an advertising and publishing chain, it has also become another light forum? Net whip Niu Shi community now has stopped the membership registration, the official explanation is "forum background adjustment", seems to whip Niu Shi also in a danger on the edge.


series of training camp, the first network editor website founded a whip Niu Shi pure public welfare training activities. The network training camp tries to stand in the position of network editing completely, and with the vivid, vivid and practical training content, it makes contribution to the whole quality of network editor step by step. After the 120 phase of the training camp, it was suspended as a result of staffing problems.


whip Niu Shi community forum the entire management team now in basic theory >

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