Opportunity method courage action persistence = success

recently bored, always look at other people’s successful history of entrepreneurship, see more, summed up our webmaster’s success a little experience: opportunities + methods + courage + action + perseverance = success. That’s not good, you don’t mind.

the wave of knowledge economy has changed the mode of distribution of wealth, but for many Chinese people, the first thing to change now is still the idea. When you have a thick material job looking for an employer while running around, when you come up with wonderful idea but not the boss adopted, why not change an idea: rather than for others to do the employees, as well as their own to do poineering work! You should know that this time has to all the dreams provide a "10 speed" the possibility of success, otherwise, the era of knowledge economy will express wealth in front of you flashed.

don’t be surprised at the giant company growing up in the garage. Don’t laugh at HAO123. That kind of broken station can sell 50 million. In fact, they are like us. The difference is that they have the heart and the world down to earth. You can also be like them, but lack of an opportunity, lack of a method, lack of courage, lack of action, lack of persistence.

Zhang Zhaoyang said: "this era has given us an unprecedented opportunity for this generation.". We must seize this opportunity, we must have a dream. But this dream starts with doing."

so, when did you start your business history,


: Ma Yun Alibaba financing $1 billion 690 million into the world’s first super Google, the listed Alibaba, at least 1000 employees of the Alibaba train to catch a millionaire, 300 employees is to become a millionaire. Set a record of the number of millionaires on China Internet Corporation’s list.

two: only three years of the journey network in the United States listed on the NYSE, the market capitalization of $4 billion, Shi Yuzhu himself became IT’s new richest man, but also created 21 billionaires and 186 millionaires.

three: Kingsoft listed in Hongkong, one of the largest programmers, rich group began to be born, it was revealed that Kingsoft has at least 100 programmers net worth of more than 1 million yuan. Meanwhile, Kingsoft chairman Qiu Baijun and CEO Lei Jun become the richest programmers in Chinese history.

maybe you are wondering why the traditional industry has done nothing for a lifetime. These young people have reached it in a few years.

is the world’s richest man Bill · Gates words gave away the secret: "not all industries as much money".

"as long as there is broadband, as long as you have ambitions, no matter where you are, you will not be marginalized.". Competitive footing becomes equal to the small and large, small shrimp whale can on an equal footing."

, when I was young, I used to listen to my parents say, "son, please finish your dinner, because India and China >"

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