Discussion on the development of vertical web site Tiger grows in time


] in the core tip or the specific needs of certain areas, vertical sites rely on its more professional services and more in-depth content fling, this kind of website also attracts people’s attention.

tiger’s past life, life,

tiger, where do you come from,


tiger, originated in Chicago in 2004 by several love sports enthusiasts founded, and its initial purpose, but is to provide an online home for at that time there was no professional basketball forum China basketball fans, the initial tiger website is very simple, the supply function is also very simple. The author think that year, ignorance, everywhere on the web information can be downloaded to the basketball video, not clear between way to HoopCHINA basketball nets, in the vast number of basketball video was also found all now known as vulgar video, such as "shy girl Huanyi", "energy-saving" video in the young heart sowed the seeds of yubabuneng.



in time

with the development of NBA in China, HoopCHINA basketball also continue to thrive beyond 2006 ESPChina and NBAchina, has become the most valuable sports vertical station China, and in September 2007, HoopCHINA formally established companies operating at the same time, the selected slogan:

tiger bashing – probably the best basketball site for

was created in November of the same year, football, tennis and F1, C2C channels, the official involved in the sports forum, two years later in February, created a B2C station, namely HoopCHINA Shihuo, July established the BTL line bottom, build a national fan group, and the organization of Amateur Basketball League, PR roadshow activities, sports brokers outdoor advertising, etc., in the country in June 2011 held more than 100 thousand games, surpassing sina sports has become the most valuable sports website China.

what makes a tiger different,


what makes tiger talent shows itself in many sports websites, what makes it thriving? The reason should thank is the first global promotion strategy NBA Commissioner David Scone and other events with respect to the North America is relatively closed, NBA forward is a big step, is a country in second. Football and other higher requirements on Sports investment, let basketball undoubtedly become the first choice of the movement of young people.


in the content, different from other tiger bashing forum is the portal content professional and precise, when the portal basketball forum teems with ridicule, abuse, discrimination and other regional issues, tiger bashing began to attract real love basketball and knowledgeable.

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