How to effectively carry out network marketing in hospital websites

yesterday, a friend in the hospital asked me how to conduct Internet marketing on the website. Let’s talk about the problem today. The so-called network marketing, as its name suggests, is the Internet as the main means of marketing activities, that is, to allow users to buy our products and services. For hospitals, it is the greatest increase in patient visits, outpatient visits, and treatment. This includes the type of hospital web site traffic conversion rate and other knowledge. Now almost every hospital has its own network marketing department, the hospital every month to do promotion costs can not be underestimated, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. Why is the effect so great?. The author thinks that the hospital network marketing should also have the following points.

first, the hospital site itself should do SEO optimization. Remove the website’s garbage redundancy code, reduce the volume of the home page. Web pages will be shorter and more friendly to search engines. If it is a specialist hospital, keyword selection is the best disease name. This is intuitive, can increase the precise users of the site. It’s also valuable to users.

second, the website should have the essence of the content. Such as medical information, successful treatment cases, etc.. Release some original content every day, modify the collected articles, and try to make the content unique. This can not only increase the search engines, but also can increase the user experience, and then stick to the user.

third, the hospital website should have a special online customer service system. For example, 53KF, business etc.. Online booking does not mean coming to the hospital, the quality of customer service specialist is very important. It should be rich in professional knowledge and skills to communicate with users, and more importantly, be patient. To promote professional image and brand awareness, it is also a good idea to apply for 400800 free calls.

fourth, usually add some hospital class QQ group, and and group administrator good relationship. Only in this way can we get more marketing advertisements in the group. Join dozens of such QQ groups every day, unremittingly, don’t be afraid to be kicked out. This kind of promotion effect is good, and also can send group mail.

fifth, go to Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall and so on to answer the relevant questions. Then subtly add your own hospital URL after the answer. For example: * * * disease reference hospital: your web site. In this way, unknowingly on the publicity of their website.

sixth, is to go to the relevant medical forum, academic posts published, the content of the post must be professional, so as to attract users to read. Also, build blogs about content. The name of the blog is named after the name of the hospital or some kind of specialist illness. It is OK to add several related medical articles every day.

this paper makes a simple analysis of hospital network marketing. Network marketing needs long-term continuous research and exploration.

Author: Wang Jian,

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