Evaluation of the advantages of this year’s new cloud NetEase to keep abreast of the third party sys

first of all, I’m not technical, I’m a layman in software understanding and system usage. I like many netizens, usually learned what fun, after work, they write a post to share; every day to see good post in the big door, will be in the comment box with a post; see in the message at the resonance of the thread, went back to a post. However, the day before yesterday, one of my dear brother suddenly asked me "from the media NetEase NetEase launched cloud abreast, how do you see?" I was shocked, but not directly said do not know, after all, respect more than doubts, so I said, please give me two days, I look back. In my opinion. Finally, it is now, I feel a netizen, to evaluate the NetEase to keep abreast of the cloud.

in order to be more targeted, I experience the friend said, cloud, Chatteris abreast, following the author to a users point of view to talk about the use of feelings.



felt a bit cold when he first saw the comment box, so he could hardly see the comment. The friend said there is a characteristic only neither painful nor itching, the comments to share micro-blog:


as a netizen, it is our custom to judge and share. For Liu Yan, not to say, friends, sometimes we just want to comment to share with friends, together with the post together this way, not only can the comprehensive view to share with friends, but also good for site drainage.

friends talk about the whole feeling: just a simple comment box, sharing is not comprehensive, without participation, a little tasteless, too much needs to be improved.



Chatteris comment some relatively lively, the use of the site is also a lot of Chatteris, that is very popular. Your time will show living places, to have a real sense of interaction, the right hand side of the boxes, all you left footprints in the news, as long as the users in any one site immediately prompted a reply to you. I have a very positive effect on the comments of netizens. I like it very much. It is really a warm comment tool. It is more humane than friends.



did not comment on the Chatteris share, estimated on the website of the external drainage little attention, and each time the comments are reviewed, caused by the interaction between Changyou is not timely.

: the overall feeling of Chatteris is a user-friendly tool for comments, comments become positive, let interaction becomes warm, is a little strict audit comments, sharing needs to be improved in the station.

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