By myth Taobao small sellers have exited Taobao platform

has such a group of people around me, every one of them every day to repeat the same things, open Taobao, watch data, adjust the price, for Taobao, goods delivery, I am also a Tmall seller, sometimes I will ask them, Taobao is more and more difficult to do, they all answered in order to survive, no way, can only go down prices, sales. Every day they are hollowed out their head and think of how to make up the volume, from dawn to dusk, actually pay far more than their return.

as of now, in my side do Tmall less, most from the beginning of this year has been out of Tmall this platform, I have also asked them why they would quit Tmall, said Tmall all day instead of being squeezed, rather than home to open a store in our small town, yes, Tmall at present more and more fees, take me, do Tmall when the flow comes naturally, and many a few years ago, but in the past 1 years, if I do not spend money to pay for the promotion, often did not have thousands of traffic, not to mention there are sales, but each time in direct costs the car made me stop, only to do database marketing, Tmall’s own tax and various promotion costs have more than our shop profits, so we choose other ways to maintain the old Customer, therefore, I will give some advice to the merchants who are pouring into the Tmall mall, hoping that you will recognize the big market of Tmall.

1, 10 years ago, if you miss the opportunity to choose micro-blog blog, as well as 5 years ago, if you miss the opportunity to choose Taobao, and Tmall, 1 years ago, if you miss the chance to do Tmall, and WeChat, if you are not doing WeChat, so after 5 years, you will missed a lot of opportunities. Taobao is not a myth, electricity providers are not Taobao, don’t say that the electricity supplier is Taobao, Taobao did not we think of as myth, can remember Taobao, because Taobao gives us enough data, 50 million, 8 million, 100 million sellers flow of commodities, last year’s double 11 35 billion of sales, so many people began to the Taobao store, do purchase goods, finally lost, Taobao attracted headlines, attractive publicity is Taobao’s strategy, if you still choose to do Taobao, must be clear what is Taobao, if you have a brand, a customer, not completely open Taobao shop, because Taobao is do you eat by traffic, the old customer is not your


2, play the rules first, then play Taobao. If you’ve made the sale, want to open a shop in Taobao, please you to know yourself, because in Taobao’s sales completely out of your sales in stores, Taobao each update, you can only passively to accept, if you can’t accept it, just out of the big platform of Taobao, so before you seriously consider whether or not to do Taobao, Taobao have read all the rules.

3, first do the product, and then do sales, in many of our store manager’s eyes, many novice friends just contact Taobao will be >!

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