Moving on campus grew up with college students all over the country

in the morning when class open mailbox, see Ali mother held this event, feel good, long wanted to know more of the University master. Immediately Click to see, wow! So many webmaster, is really very busy! I have to go along for the ride, hoping to make a few stationmaster, long experience, by the way please predecessors zhijiao.

I’m a sophomore from the Department of computer science and technology at Yibin University in Sichuan, Yibin. I don’t have enough time to contact computers, maybe 4 or 5 years. Do not send the poor ah! A few years ago in my hometown, there is little computer, it is a baby, we are only a distance, not play ", a few computer school a week and it can only be a close contact. High school three years learned a "information technology", many of the computer is very magical, for those "mysterious" Adsense is more envy, so I want to have their own web site in the future.

When the

in the college entrance examination volunteer, I chose computer science, University of our first open web design course, conscientiously study period, at the end of the semester to do a few static pages, this is the first "website" I do, immediately find a free space, carefully put their debut on the Internet at the time was very excited! (I don’t know the working principle of the dynamic website) in the second year of the next chance I came into contact with SEO, in exchange with the predecessors I slowly understand the website knowledge, by the way, I first entered the school of SEO Ao group, they helped me appreciate here. In study, I just know that many Webmaster Station is used for free building site system, and finally according to several predecessors suggested that I can choose DEDECMS, began my station road.

at that time the establishment of the heart all day is running in high speed, plop. Plop…… was that excited ah! My valiant, gas triumphantly can say that everything…… is zero, what DEDECMS? What is the server? What is the domain name? How to do? Etc.. Too much to me to learn, that time is really very tired, but also very full, perhaps too excited, want to realize the dream of wait, after learning a month spent 100 yuan to buy some space, registered a free CN domain name on the line.

The content of

web site is about QQ space. We usually need some data in QQ space, so I want to collect them and provide them for you. Give the site named "non mainstream" hope to give QQ to provide some help to the website now has more than 6 months, I pay more attention to the quality of the site and the original thought, my starting point is the service for everyone, so I now have only more than 1200 website article, a the station is very small. After all, I’m still a student. I don’t have much time to use on the website. It’s my interest to do it. Learning is my main purpose. The >