Some suggestions for personal websites to be bought

has recently been doing their "80 entrepreneurial base" to do a thorough upgrade, now has some technical advantages, such as online message, anonymous submission, daily filing technology, the network technology has been walking in the forefront of similar, since the built station, we all go too smoothly and some people fear, a week will be included in Baidu, PR value of less than a month to 3.

since receiving a letter from YAHOO China startup group, we are finally out of the curse of our personal website. The website will be regularized gradually and become the Thunder KanKan of Chinese entrepreneurs".

below is my summary of some experience:

one, many webmaster every day will adhere to see some SEO optimization tutorials, absorb the latest optimization skills. In fact, these optimizations are very unstable, and it will only bring you temporary traffic. To the site have long-term development, must take it as a station to do.

personal experience: find a station to see, its title, keywords, description, chain and internal links. Just like the successful doctrine, learn from the industry NO.1, you can become NO.1, study and study them more, it will be beneficial to you.

two, I do not support the original, original is good, but to tell you the truth, most of China’s site is personal website, our individual webmaster who have time and energy to a lot of originality.

personal experience: analysis of the success of the website, no less than these characteristics:

1, the real-time message (News), satisfies the user’s curiosity and wins loyal users with frequent updates. (curiosity)

2, professional information (portal), retain users interested in its information in a manner of information. (interest)

3, the exchange platform (Forum), to provide users with a platform for language publishing, to meet the user’s right to speak. (Biao Daquan)

4, information synthesis (messaging), with a large amount of information, and widely absorb as many users as possible. (sponge absorption)

network features:

1, more unified, more professional,

2, a deeper personality service,

, this is my personal observation of the Internet. I hope you can find some inspiration to do it from above.

three, collect as much feedback information, and feedback from the variable (Progress) personal experience: I give webmasters a suggestion, every time when updating the first thought is not the search engine, but should be user. Because if you consider the search engine and cause the user experience difficulties, it is equivalent to pay the biggest cost and price, even if the search engine to bring you more IP, will also end in your user experience. Conversely, think about attracting users through good user experience, as long as you keep on

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