New Adsense do site do industry station

with the increase in the number of Internet users base, but also increased a lot of new adsense. Many new webmaster are very confused, in the end what kind of website construction, what kind of Web site popular, what kind of website can make money? Actually very simple, what kind of station will be popular, will make money. Focus on adhering to! According to my experience of more than one year webmaster, I suggest new webmaster do industry website.

there are many industries, how to choose? You can casually enter a web site (hao123 site home), their classification is very comprehensive, you choose your own more familiar with the industry. How to make money? Take my website to illustrate it, I choose the education and training, science education network website is wave:, website is to provide educational information, training information, tutoring services. At present, the main profit is in the tutor service. Tell me why I choose education and training. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and education is the foundation of science and technology. The country attaches great importance to education, and parents also attach great importance to education, so the outlook for this industry is very good. Why do you choose to provide tutoring services? Because the new owners to a short time to obtain high traffic is not easy, especially the industry station, then we should consider more about the conversion rate, if there is a parents please tutor, you recommend succeed will be able to get small income, than not rely on advertising to make money low income owners.

you look at the major aspects of it, many are turning to the local industry portal and search engine, and also a breakdown of the reputation of the network by the acquisition of Ma, perhaps this is a trend, the future of the Internet is "local + industry". I hope you can hold it. At present, the younger brother runs a new website: sofa industry network, the same choice of industry, but this is the face of the country. The advantages of the industry network is customer specificity, the high rate of conversion of the site, if there is traffic, the advertising revenue is not low.

friends who are interested in the industry website can communicate with me more or less, or in the website, or leave your contact in the comments.

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