The painful process of developing e commerce websites

started in 2007 May. Left bank ready to start, then in order to catch up with progress, left comparison, right to inquire about, to finalize a company specializing in online shop. For our request, the company promised to be comfortable and fast, and the reaction quickly, the afternoon immediately sent someone to interview cooperation, and guarantee on-line within two months.

paid the advance and began to do it. We do some preparatory work before the operation. From time to time, ask for progress through an online or phone call, and that says it’s going well.

but I always feel a bit uneasy, so I hope to see some of their work, such as page design. So we all know, the development site in the architecture, the logic level is done, behind to do demo, and then into the program, and then test…… Wait。 The program is the last job. It must be invisible, but demo must be able to see it.

left urging right urging each other, that is, in progress. By the end of May, we were told there was some work done.

The process of

in June to continue to front, considering their performance in May, so at closer, looking for their boss telephone communication, I hope not stood up as a key project to accelerate progress. Commitment, arrangements, progress is still very slow.

finally told us in late June that we had an demo version to see, but to get in, it wasn’t what we wanted at all.

at this time, in fact, we have been kidnapped, and on this ship, you can not change suppliers, it is impossible to interrupt cooperation, or who knows what the next will be?

at the beginning of the July, I have been unable to endure the progress of system development, often after testing out a feedback in the past, it takes three or four days to change, and correct the problem of A, and B bug, when B bug changed, did not expect the A link and bug……

, the sales manager who was in charge of our project, turned his face and asked questions. His words were: "I’m not technical. You can communicate with the technology."……" Later, they banned customers from communicating directly with the technology and had to send the questions to a front desk where the problem was sent to the technology via RTX…… Communication efficiency declined further.

seeing the time passed, business is not to stop one day is a day of loss! Electronic commerce is sometimes need to boil, boil is the essence to the end, and boil takes time, so the morning line one day, even if not to sell things, but also to make money.

then with their boss communicate again, returning to the early (second days after the resignation of free men, has always been very late at night, the morning up, only eight or nine) carrying a computer a 40 minute bus ride to go to their company work"…… You’re very kind. You’ve arranged a seat for me next to the technique.

noon break >

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