The indictment in the nternet Era

say cheap, no good goods, good goods are not cheap, although not all, but there is always some truth. I said, I have said to many people, but I still figure out cheap, bought the Internet Era ( http://s.JobHost.Cn) host. God knows whether this site is a person or a person, plus a dog in the operation, in addition to buying space when someone online, never find customer service.

of course, if there is no problem, customer service is not even, but this space is almost no normal. Years ago in order to record off my website, but I am in the space background information submitted by the host of the Shang Dynasty to record it, if you can tell me to record the record, why did not even say hello to shut. Later, he went to the record, wasted more than 20 days and opened.


is constantly down. Cannot access occasionally can understand, most people can not stand is, before and after the Spring Festival to stop suddenly, unexpectedly also sent a letter to say what the letter, I let you backup your backup is not, now this server has been broken, this can not blame me!

see, originally should be the server backup provider, I bought the space for what? Your backup is even, but the message was not sent to the Internet era, but from another website from the Internet era is one thousand days! Know hundreds of agents.

quickly find customer service, call, on the QQ, website message……

from then on, the Internet era of the website, although still in, customer service will no longer ignore me.


can not find customer service, but those days Internet era or landing. Something worse has happened. Internet era has been revised, and I went to landing, actually prompted no user name.

ha ha, it’s really something.

remind friends, when buying space, do not buy such services. Hey, that’s tough.

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