Three most important elements of the game earnings gateway

The doorway of

small game website says very simple, three one: "faster, little advertisement, game a bit more."". In essence, the user, the pursuit of speed, play the game, of course, want good games, speed, smooth, undisturbed. Repeat it. Do your homework at three every day. Small game site is also a fool than work: a fool, there will be one. Think about these things every day, one day there will be some good results, right? Ha ha, listening to all feel fun.

but the difference is not that big. To put it bluntly, open different game sites and rarely see any difference. What determines which site is good? Which site is bad?

is not impossible, such as UE/UI. More than 7 of 7K7K users are from teenagers under the age of 18, and the data show that they prefer pictures, although they seem crowded, but they are more intuitive. Much more popular than words. Adhere to the user’s observation, constantly modify the page, the heart will do.

above this number is also a small game site quietly bigger, very proud of a place. It is important for teenagers to play games. One characteristic is that interaction is not strong, and their own limited communication circle is confined to the students around them. There is no strong desire and need to chat in the game. This phenomenon, Moore Park also noticed in the operation. At present, the traditional portals and large websites just extend in the mainstream crowd and are not covered by teenagers themselves. Leave room for small game sites.

DIGG mode. 7K7K background has DIGG mode shadow, each time they put new games on-line, are placed on the bottom, and then gradually increase according to user clicks, which is actually the result of user selection. Full user drive. Also called Click to adjust the right, is the most used search engines. Sun Zude was in charge of the new product planning and Realization of Baidu, very familiar with this set of proficiency.

but it is only used to play the game player to experience, on the same appearance? Run in front of the website are wondering, chat it will, said Sun Zude 7K7K, a few days will pursue a new, dazzling cool and trendy.

the second move is to erect barriers. The world’s current total of small games, but more than 10 million, almost 7K7K collection. A late step will always be a lot of passive, coupled with the fine operation above, the effect is still some.

back on the road to making money, little game site rely on what to earn money?

you know, traffic, joint operation, VC, see the value of the platform brought together by major users, the flow of billions of dollars a day has reflected its different places. For example, just mentioned one site monthly income of 30 million to 40 million, there were more students during the holidays. Excluding a small amount of advertising (they seek less advertising), most of the revenue comes from joint operations with WEB GAME. >

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