Talk about website function advertisement again is a concept

a few days ago sent two articles on the new model of commodity promotion, from the grassroots Internet advertising proximic speculated Taobao ad format, challenging the Taobao alliance several commodity promotion methods. The word "functional advertising" should be mentioned. It should be said that this concept was not created by me. I just feel that the present statement can not express the characteristics of these new advertising patterns, so I can only sum up one word by myself.

has a friend came over and I exchange, said advertising is said before advertising, I do not agree with this view, advertising is ideal to the individual as the main lock core, first find the target customers, and then targeted advertising customers, the need to mobilize more resources. But now, most of the so-called advertising just cry up wine and sell vinegar.

, and functional advertising is based on the content of the site as the core content, with appropriate relevance information can be, although it is advertising, but it is a supplement to the content of the site, like a function. The function of advertisement display effect is only influenced by the quality of the content or the webmaster custom optimization, the difficulty is relatively small, but the background data on advertising alliance capacity and speed have higher requirements, which is the function of advertising while at home and abroad have been good, but the real reason can do very little league.

I refer to functional advertising, in particular, refers to the text chain, content matching, picture matching and other new forms of promotion. Now the network transactions parity, shopping guide, cashback types of websites use the CPS alliance to promote the link is the essence are functional ads, but these links in Web site development is closely bound together with the same content, general visitors not aware of these links is actually advertising.

Google Adsense is barely advertising, at least what region can be divided, but the content of the matching degree is desired, always in different types and content of the web site to see the same plastic, like beauty advertising, let people hate not immediately shut off ". So I am really looking forward to the function of advertising, but advertising content of foreign proximic, pixazza are not covered by the domestic market, while domestic imitators are as shown in figure pixara, Po, Jane such as scouring their limited resources, are the half-dead. I had high expectations for Taobao alliance, but in the past few days to plan, the so-called blue ocean intelligent advertising creative advertising research, nothing new, the promotion of goods is still the same web content has nothing to do, not to say by the station optimization, plus operators are not neither fish nor fowl as before, Taobao alimama customers feel like eating a fly, very disappointed.

CPS League this, several major alliances such as hair together, is also said to enter the field of intelligent advertising, but currently in the practical stage, only a special purchase. Special purchase alliance is by special king, buy dragon net launched, background resources are good, intelligent advertising this article in chain http://s.tgo>

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